Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Review of "Miller's View: A Look into the Darkness"

In the quiet town of Hammond, Louisiana, Detective Jonathan Miller is at it again. Daniel Edwards is dead along with Elyse James. But did Elyse commit suicide? Miller is going to find out, and he's going to use those rose colored glasses he found in Edwards' apartment to help. He misses Callie St Claire, and she's nowhere to be found. As the plot thickens, Miller makes some amazing discoveries about Elyse and her family. He also discovers some disturbing information about his own family. Then as the twists and turns continue to spiral, he learns more about those glasses and himself. Miller finally finds comfort in being with Callie again, but those glasses and what drives them haunts him. Potts delivers a very intriguing sequel, but wait there's more to come. 4 Stars 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Review of "In Gallup, Greed"

In Gallup, New Mexico, the Redemption Gallery was supposed to honor Native American artists. Lonnie, Nez and Lolo sold their art in hopes of gaining national and international recognition, according to Jerry the owner. Lonnie is murdered and his sister Mirage fears she may have done it. Her friend Alice calls Cinnamon and Burro, a couple of private investigators she knows to investigate. Alice and Cinnamon maybe half sisters and Burro is delusional. During the investigation, they discover the gallery is a front for a money laundering scheme and Jerry is running an online prostitution ring. Cinnamon and Lolo are both assaulted by Lonnie's killer who is one of Jerry's partners. 4 Stars          

Monday, October 26, 2015

Review of "Green Girl"

Ostracised by her father, Allanas was raised by Lindor, a healer. She would get sick and her skin would change color, from yellow to a deep green, and a voice called to her in her sleep. The villagers didn't understand and eventually she left to survive on her own. She was captured and sold into slavery, but lucky to be owned by a benevolent man, Branthor a sort of scientist. Allanas was happy to be his assistant, and grew found of those around her, then he died and she was sold again. The governor of the kingdom bought her and gave her to the king of Cessor as a gift, a concubine. The voice, a dragon became stronger and tried to take over her mind and body. When the king raped her, she called out to the dragon to help; he slayed the king and took her to his land to be with her own kind. 5 stars  

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Review of "The Sum of His Worth"

Riveting story about a poor boy, Sonny Poe growing up in Alabama in the '50's and '60's with his widowed mom and two brothers. While out on a little hunting escapade with a buddy, the boys witness the Klan beat and hang a black man. While Sonny gets in all the usual jams a kid his age does, he befriends a black man, Harvey Nixon who teaches the kid how to defend himself. Sonny meets Dr. Joe Peach, a dentist and advocate for civil rights. Dr. Joe takes Sonny under his wing to help guide him after the death of Sonny's dad. When Dr. Joe gets a new Civil Service position reporting injustices to the Feds, Sonny becomes a sort of investigator helping Joe's cause. But corrupt government and the Klan will have none of it and plan to stop the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. Joe and Sonny. 5 Stars

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Review of "Countdown to Atomgeddon-Europe"

In August of 1944, Nate and Blake were recalled to active duty in the Army to lead teams (Alsos) in Europe. Their mission was to secure needed materials and scientists in the race to build the first atomic bomb. The Germans and the Russians were also in the race for the same goal. John and Dino, classmates at UCLA, were recruited and reported to Major Powers, the coordinator of the Alsos teams. While Allied Forces were driving the Nazis out of Italy and France, Alsos teams relied heavily upon Enzo and Nora, leaders of the Italian Underground for help locating resources. The team's missions were successful and contributed to the Manhattan Project and the ultimate atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 3 Stars

Monday, October 5, 2015

Review of "Maya: Initiate 39"

Maya Isaacs was being raised by Samuel, the man that married and divorced her mother. When Maya tried to discover her milieu from Samuel, she wasn't satisfied with his tale. She sought to find her destiny by joining a youth group called the Alternative Lifestyle Group (ALG). The group got her involved in drug trafficking, prostitution, and thievery. Maya decided to steal money from an ALG drug sale, but was busted by the police and sent to prison. There she was ameliorated by a group of inmates and befriended by Van Brussels, a man she nearly killed earlier on. Released from prison early, she was educated as a secretary and given a job in Brussels' company. It was there she fell in love with Brussels' adopted son. Her transformation was inspirational. 3 Stars

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Review of "Calla's Curse"

Complicated little yarn about the mobs on Long Island and the cops trying to put the players behind bars or in the ground. Vin the Deck's step-daughter Calla wants nothing to do with him or his mob lifestyle. She joins a convent, but leaves before taking her final vows. Calla hooks up and falls in love with Hank Blacksen, one of the cops out to get her step-father. As the plot thickens, Hank's partner is killed, his brother is put on life support and Calla is in a coma, all courtesy of the mobsters. Hank and his new partner, Alma devise a plan to pay Vin his dues, but then Hank's brother dies adding fuel to his fire. 3 Stars

Friday, September 25, 2015

Review of "Jingo Street"

Intense and provocative, this one grabs you on page one and doesn't let go until the end. After ignoring a judge's order about a client, the naive young attorney Anne Krease is sentenced to community service at a soup kitchen on Jingo Street. Here she meets the love of her life Max Marcowitz, also known as Max Margo a hardened underground enforcer. After being told to stay away from him by many in the know, Anne can only see the good in Max, who sends chills up her spine. Max kills two thugs who were trying to bring harm to Anne and is convicted and sentenced to death by lethal injection. There isn't the usual happy ending for Max and Anne, but there is a happy ending. Even if you don't like to read, read this one, Jingo Street is amazing. 5 Stars  

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Review of "The Archimedes Signal"

This narrative is based on events in Korea before, during and after the assassination of President Park Chung Hee. The assassination revolved around the yushin constitution which gave Park rule for life and almost total dictatorial powers. General Kim Jae Kyu, the assassin, had his men use stolen M16 arms to kill the president's guards. The events following the assassination reflect the political unrest in country, the racial tension, and the use of torture by the Korean's to obtain certain information. The use of waterboarding and the Korean Barbeque were common. The North Koreans infiltrated the South and used US Air Force personnel to carry out criminal activities supporting the assassination. 3 Stars

Friday, September 11, 2015

Review of "From Woodstock to Eternity"

Climb aboard this wild ride with Dustin Morgan. As a young teen, Dusty grew his hair long and hung out with beatniks. At eighteen he went to Woodstock, at twenty-two he had his own marijuana distribution network. Then came the first bust, but luck was on his side. He moved to Texas to live with his sister and found Jesus. Then on to Florida and flight school, but temptation stole him away. Then another bust, and again he got lucky. He had a son with his girl, but still struggled to settle down. Then the sentence and six months in jail. On to Colorado and reconnected with Jesus, and got a great new job. Just when the promise of a secure and beautiful future was upon him, a jolt from the past hit him. Cooper writes this roller coaster story with a smooth style. 4 Stars

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Review of "Howlers: Lupus Rex"

You're going to find everything you wanted to know about werewolves as you follow Aaron Darveau through the story. Aaron meets Karen, the girl of his dreams, but doesn't know those little love scratches on his back have changed his life forever. Chosen by Karen, the next female leader of the Pack, as her mate and the male leader, Aaron finds himself at a crossroads. Should he accept the offer to be Karen's husband and King or not? When he discovers a pact between the Pack and the Fectors, the werewolf hunters, that sends innocents to their death, he decides to rebel. Sutherland does a masterful job of entwining the characters to create a plot that will have you question all the myths surrounding the beasts. 4 Stars

Monday, August 31, 2015

Review of "Caught in a Dream"

This novel is like an episode of The Twilight Zone; twisted, turned upside down and inside out. The basis for this story as I understand it is: the protagonist can't tell if he's awake, sleeping or dreaming. The author created a storyline so muddled and confusing that it's extremely difficult to determine, what where or with whom the protagonist is dealing; and I assume that is exactly the intent, or is it? According to the author most of the story is true, a composite of dreams and nightmares of many people. Sergeant Major, thank you for your 23+ years service to our nation. 2 Stars

Monday, August 24, 2015

Review of "Taking Leaps and Finding Ghosts"

Ginny Lawther finally made one of her dreams come true in the fall of her life, being a published author. She wanted to share the things she learned with other people, and help them achieve their goals as well as a new one of hers. She started the Ideal Life Club which had four other members, Lydia, Hilda, Jerry and Lee. The goal was to set out specific steps at a meeting each month for six months to attain each members goal. Ginny wanted to be a homeowner, Lydia wanted to write a cookbook, Hilda wanted to build a craft business, Jerry wanted to be a singer-songwriter, and Lee wanted to rid his renovation business of stranger occurrences. DeLee uses her style and voice to keep the reader engaged in this charmingly entertaining story. 3 Stars  

Friday, August 21, 2015

Review of "For Your Damned Love"

If you're looking for sarcasm and bravado you'll find it right here. Juanito, the shoeshine boy escaped the orphanage to find a new talent, he became the street fighter, El Martillo. He worked his way up the underworld ladder to become number two, behind the legendary Armando Lios Leyva. When Stan Russell made a drug deal with Armando, he had Armando kidnap his diva yet onerous wife Dancy. Her father, Con O'Donough hired Doc Hardesty to find her. Armando tried to reward Martillo for his skill and loyalty, but all Martillo wanted was the girl. During a scuffle, Martillo kills his mentor and takes over the business. As the plot winds down, Doc does rescue the diva and brings her back, but not before ravaging her for his own interests. 4 Stars

Monday, August 17, 2015

Review of "Forever and Always Destiny"

Cindy met Danny when she was fourteen and he immediately left an indelible yet haunting mark on her soul. They became friends, then boyfriend and girlfriend and ultimately lovers, but the relationship was tumultuous. They fought, then broke up, then made up and started the cycle over again. Just when things looked like they were going to work out, Danny announced he got a girl pregnant and got married. Cindy moved on and had a couple of somewhat serious relationships, but never stopped loving Danny. They always stayed in touch until one day when Danny said he was moving away to focus on his marriage. Finally Cindy knew this was her chance to make a clean break of her own, then one day when she answered the door there stood Danny. 4 Stars  

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Review of "The Encounter"

Honey Serrano is as hot as her name sounds, the curvy, blue eyed blonde can really turn heads. Charlie Bolton is a clean cut, college guy working part-time in a men's clothing store. When Honey shops for Christmas presents for her dad, Charlie is more than happy to help, and the bud of romance opens. Ernie, Honey's dad is a secretive South Florida businessman, and takes a shine to Charlie. Ernie convinces Charlie to run some errands for him, and bring him into his underworld fold. When Honey decides to go into business for herself, she needs Charlie to get started. As the plot expands, Hossler introduces the FBI, the Russian Mob, the New York Crime Syndicate, and a Cuban thug to not only challenge Honey's operation, but to enhance Charlie's experience in trafficking drugs. 4 Stars  

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Review of "Angry Enough to Kill"

Loring the stockbroker, Robin the veterinarian, and Kendy the owner of a car dealership are best friends, and they all have darkness in their lives. Loring had a sexually abusive father, Robin's niece was murdered and chopped up, and Kendy was raped. On a run-away-from-home weekend the women play a game, how to commit the perfect murder; the targets, predatory pedophiles. When Loring stalks a suspected pedophile the game becomes real, and she suspects the man tortures and kills his victims. But she doesn't know that he has spotted her and now she is being stalked. As the plot spirals on, mayhem, murder and suicide creep in and stymie their best laid plans. Dunn provides a unique style in this thriller. 4 Stars

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Review of "Vote of Confidence"

This is a fast moving, quirky and fun little story about how to get a Democrat elected Mayor of San Diego. BeeBee Blaylock, working for the Miniver camp, meets Flyer and Deck, two homeless jailbirds and recruits them to help her. This begins the shady and at times illegal shenanigans they employ to get the votes in for their man. As new members are recruited, the team dawns the name Dread Viper and moves into their Lair to enhance the operation. When a new campaign manager is brought aboard, the team is fired. With Miniver closing in on the lead, BeeBee jumps to the Jamison camp in hopes of saving face for the team. The only way to win the election is to expose the voter fraud that Dread Viper perpetrated for Miniver. Way to go Linton, this one is a winner! 4 Stars  

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Review of "Murder in Palm Beach"

Mitt Hecher, a petty thug who ran a karate school and his pal Davey Ross, liked to cause trouble in Palm Beach bars. When Rodger Kriger, a wealthy restauranter was killed in his home the state's attorney, Bosworth and prosecutor, Scraponia pinned the rap on Hecher. Hecher was convicted and sentenced to prison for twenty-five years. After twenty-five failed appeals the Florida Board of Clemency commuted the remaining ten years as time served. Tom Palladin, a key player in his release gave Hecher the name of the real killer, Generoso Gagliardi. Hecher and three pals tracked the killer down and brought him to justice. Hecher's conviction was overturned, and he was exonerated. Scraponia was sentenced to prison, but Bosworth escaped punishment. 4 Stars    

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Review of "Justified Action"

Tallmadge McAllister Chambers (Tall) was three months from retiring from the Army when he got a call from an old friend, Stephen Winslow, that changed his life forever. He was recruited into an elite and secret agency that took care of the business no one else could by the General. Tall who excelled at his job, saved the General's daughter from thugs trying to rob a bank. She thanked him by becoming his wife, much to the chagrin of her father. When she died in a car accident, Tall's world was shattered. He threw himself into his work which led him to find a network of twisted, ruthless people and lies. He found that the person he trusted the most had betrayed him for political gain. Action packed and riveting, Staggs delivered a story you won't want to put down. 5 Stars        

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Review of "Mustard's Last Stand"

Struggling screenwriter, Ed Mustard returns to his hometown after his actress wife's suicide, tail between his legs. Brother Clifford (Roadkill), a tree hugging activist is trying to shut down Camp Destiny, an African Safari camp in cold and snowy Hancock Idaho. Homespun Gina is trying to turn her pizza parlor into a safe haven for homeless pregnant women. Add three more pregnant women, a preacher for hire conman, the ex-car salesman turned hunt enthusiast, his philandering wife and you have all the characters needed to turn Hancock Days into an utter fiasco. McIntosh has a crisp style and clear voice as she leads the reader through funny and sometimes dangerous events that will keep you from putting this one down. 5 Stars  

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Review of "A Special Gift"

Wanda Brown's life began spiralling out of control after the death of her father at age eleven. Raped by the age of twelve, beaten, cheated on, robbed, lost credit and foreclosure were just some of the awful things she would have to endure. Wanda had a strong relationship with her higher power that helped her to persevere despite the obstacles life threw at her. But there was one wonderful moment that she prayed for, the birth of her son, Joshua. The two shared a special bond, and he was the only male in her life that she could rely on and trust. Tragically he collapsed and died playing the game he loved, basketball. This is another story of how a strong faith can help a person to overcome even the grief of losing a child. 3 Stars

Monday, June 22, 2015

Review of "A Nation for Refugees"

Nata Utla worked in a local office of the Non-governmental Office (NGO) helping refugees. He lived in a house inherited from his grandparents with Zulu, his cat. On foreign assignment, he spent two years abroad working in a refugee camp. Disillusioned when the camp closed, Nata quit his job, then opened a neighborhood coffee shop and started a blog about refugees. With his business failing and no perceived blog success, Sarah, a girl from his former office reappeared in his life. With her ideas about business, they resurrected the coffee shop and found achievements in his blog. Nata gained world acclaim as a champion for refugees. As his achievements mounted his cat Zulu died, and Sarah became ill. Read this book to learn it's ending, and you will be glad you did. 5 Stars      

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Review of "Samantha's Talent"

Samantha Douglas had a special talent, she could talk to and understand animals. While living in Alaska she could even interact with grizzly bears until a rabid wolverine threatened some school children. She and her parents were ostracized by the community and moved to Texas, but things weren't a whole lot better there. Another move to an animal sanctuary went well until rogue groups tried to abduct her. Murder and mayhem surrounded her. Finally a secret government agency brought her and her parents in for safety, but they also had an agenda. The agency had a team of scientists assigned to her, and after much study and testing to define her talent, she was assigned the opportunity to try to communicate with an alien, and she led the team to success. 3 Stars  

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Review of "Killing for Christmas"

David Bane spent eighteen years in prison, wrongly convicted of killing his wife. It's the Christmas season and snow is falling heavily as Bane returns to Red Brook to search for the real killer, prodded by his wife's ghost. In the mean time, a high ranking copper named Honour is cleansing the town of Filth. Honour plans to snatch his adopted daughter, Alex away from Race who pimps her, so he can abuse her himself. As the plot thickens, Bane sees an incredible resemblance between his dead wife and Alex, while several people die at the hands of the murderous Honour. When Bane suddenly becomes aware of the cached relationships that entangle and torment his mind an onslaught of action takes place. 4 Stars

Monday, June 15, 2015

Review of "The Cursed Nation"

This is the story of Iskandar Punta, a child who lost his parents in an accident and was raised by his grandmother. He grew up and joined the ruling political party of his country and rose to the post of assistant to the Prime Minister. Immune to political graft he was ostracized by the party. He found his place in an indigent community where he brought about tremendous change as an independent member of the ruling body. When an election demanded a coalition government, Iskandar was nominated Prime Minister. The changes he brought about looked promising, however they were not meant for the Cursed Nation. He resigned his post, and returned to the community that loved him and sadly left them a broken man. 3 Stars      

Review of "The Coven Initiates"

This is the mystical tale of good and evil in the land called The Pix. Within The Pix are many realms in which kings and knights abound, and are governed independently. However when the forces of evil invade The Pix, these realms unite in an attempt to dispatch the intruders. Also in The Pix are the witches of wiccan magic, the sorceresses of black magic and the enchantress of faerie magic. Sharon of The Other World uses the Griffin's Gauntlet to defeat madman Bain the Dragon King and brings peace to The Pix. Justin of Kurault resurrects the Knights of the Citadel as the King of Kurault. But there is a lot more to this story, and the open ending will have you yearning for more from Wesley Lowe. 4 Stars

Friday, June 12, 2015

Review of "The Chronicles of Sambreia"

This tale is about a kingdom divided as the result of the last monarch's death. William Landon, the King of This Side of the Kingdom deems it necessary to hold Ranger and Courier School (RCS) as a means to train the children to engage their enemy. The King's two children are reduced in rank during this experience, and are off limits to relationships. The three Kingston children are under suspicion after being held and trained by Lord Randal the ruler of The Other Side of the Kingdom. Extremely strict rules and assignments keep the children busy and PE builds their strength and endurance. Ultimately there is a test and a battle with Lord Maguire, the Prince of Darkness. Does RCS help to champion the Kingdom? You'll enjoy finding out. 4 stars      

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Review of "House Divided"

Professor Robbins' daughter, Courtney announced her involvement with the Students for Palestinian Justice (SPJ) at dinner on her twentieth birthday. After a bombing at a Jewish organization in D.C., the president asked Robbins to head a task force (DEFEAT) to investigate. As the wheels of DEFEAT turned, there was another bombing, this time in Chicago. The bomber was discovered in San Francisco where he committed suicide to avoid capture. The investigation continued as DEFEAT gathered evidence that pointed to radicals within the SPJ. The radicals in Courtney's group suspected she was leaking information back to her father and decided to test her loyalty. The test was to carry a bomb to a Senator's office in New York. 5 Stars

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Review of "Afterlife"

This is the story of Enos Bronte's journey to seek his final judgement after his death. The trek is timeless and harmless, but takes him on a laborious path. Enos sees lost souls in purgatory, paying for their sins in life. He also sees booths where souls meet their maker and the final judgement is passed on to them. He meets a friend along the way, but their destiny is not a mutual one. Finally he is reunited with his wife and daughter who passed away some thirty years ago. The three bond again, and talk about their son back on earth, then arrive at their judgement booth. Their destiny is to return to earth and carry the maker's message to humanity. 2 Stars  

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Review of "Black Snow"

This narrative is a fictional account of the ramifications precipitated by global warming and climate change. Protagonists, Elliot and Margaret Stewart join a group of specially selected people who plan to sequester themselves in a fortified compound. Elliot, a renowned meteorologist, predicts major weather events increasing, and foresees a disaster of epic proportion. When two Cat 5 hurricanes are on course to combine in the Gulf of Mexico, they head to the compound to ride out the storm. Little do they know, that storm is not the only calamitous event they will have to endure. What happens next may be comparable to events in an episode of the Twilight Zone and allows the author an open end to her story. 4 Stars  

Friday, June 5, 2015

Review of "Dead in Dubai"

This complex tale starts when former CIA analyst, Lee Carruthers goes to Dubai to find George Branson who works for the Agency. Cynthia Branson hasn't seen her husband in two years, and wants a divorce. Lee discovers that George is also known as Gil Brady and Karl Spiegel depending where he is and who he's working for. Roger Findley, also with the CIA, identified George as dead via his fingerprints; his face was missing courtesy of a gunshot wound to the back of his head. Lee finds herself embroiled between two illegal arms merchants and blood diamonds. The plot thickens as she seeks assistance from friends and takes on Fred Atkins, as her partner. Sidney, her former boss, warns her to get off the case before she gets herself killed. The plot is like a pretzel with its twists and turns. 5 Stars    

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Review of "Sebastian"

Extraordinary tale about Sebastian, a vampire and Hanna, the daughter of an Archangel. Sebastian, a vampire at eighteen via his mother, was reared by her not to hunt humans. However, when she was killed by them, he turned and he wanted to make all humans pay for her death. He killed Hanna's human mother, then discovered her baby in a bag and fell in love with her. She became his reason for change, to no longer kill humans. He knew he couldn't raise her, so he found parents for her and financially supported them in secret. He continued to be drawn to her, he couldn't stay away despite the danger of being found out. Hanna had special powers of her own. She was drawn to him and eventually fell into romantic love with him, but that's not the end of the story. 5 Stars  

Friday, May 29, 2015

Review of "Confessions of a Slut"

Selma Brazinsky is a 34 year old, unmarried, double D gal whose Mama is always trying to set her up. Every Friday night at Shabbos dinner there is a new dud for Selma to endure. Finally, she has enough of the nonsense and joins the Love Connection, an online dating service. The men she meets are as bad, if not worse than the schmucks her Mama throws at her. After a hair mishap with Bubba, she gets a new hairdo courtesy of gay Frankie. She adopts a dog who chews up her sex toys and decides to investigate a sex toy shop whose owner is an acquaintance of Frankie. What happens next is completely outrageous. If you want to laugh good and hard, this is the book to read. A. R. Alan this is your best yet! 5 Stars  

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Review of "Corrupt Vision"

This is the story about Rigenzi which is a region filled with corruption. Politicians, police, anyone with influence takes advantage of the common people of the region. The government corruption and poor infrastructure cause Rigenzi to rely almost totally on foreign aid. Tribal conflict, and language differences are the daily normal. The people are unaware of the power of education, science and technology. Poor economic conditions cause a religious revolution which focuses on spiritual intervention. However, it's not enough to cause a major change in the overall situation. 2 Stars 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Review of "Nixon and Dovey"

Young Nixon Curry learns to shoot and ride with his Pa's guidance and he becomes accomplished at both. Curry dreams of winning the Governor's Cup, building a stable of his own and breeding thoroughbreds. But the high-strung Curry makes enemies along the way who challenge his resolve and his friendship with Cyrus, a young Negro boy. He meets the love of his life, Dovey, a senator's daughter who is betrothed to Ben Wilson, an enemy. When his Negro friend is beaten almost to death, Curry tries to save him, but he dies at the hand of another. Curry faces charges of murder when he kills Ben who he suspects killed Cyrus. He marries Dovey inspite of the senator, but he continues to be prosecuted until another enemy kills Dovey. Curry is now alone and on the run from the law. 5 Stars        

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Review of "A Tree Called Tenalpa"

This clearly is the story of; "The grass looks greener on the other side of the fence". Six distinct characters are portrayed leaving their homeland in search of a better life. Each faced adversity, but for some time, did actually have it better. However in the end they all returned home having learned a hard lesson. The other side of the coin is, the people they met and interacted with were mean and discriminatory. The simple and sad fact is, there is discrimination all over the world in this year 2015. The question is; When are we human beings as a whole going to get past it to appreciate each other? 2 Stars

Monday, May 11, 2015

Review of "The Girl Who Nearly Missed the Plane"

This is the story of a conversation between two passengers on the thirteen hour flight from Hong Kong to Frankfurt. David, is an reticent English businessman in his fifties and Sumei (Suemay), is a gregarious Chinese student in her thirties. Sumei, who is late arriving, boards the plane last, and sits in the only seat available next to David. The colloquy starts innocently enough, then David finds himself attracted to Sumei and starts to divulge details about his life. He actually bares his soul much to the delight of Sumei, as flirting and innuendos permeate the dialogue. They even plan a potential liaison in the U.K when they arrive at their final destination. However, when they deplane in Frankfurt, the future is obscure. 4 Stars      

Review of "Lethal Conspiracy"

After a long depression caused by his wife's death, Steven, a professor, Middle East expert and UN official, finally meets Samantha (Sam), a clinical psychologist, and they hit it off. His friend, Peter, a professor and CIA agent, convinces Steven to help uncover a plot inside the UN to destroy Israel and start a nuclear war. The conspirator's plan unfolds while Steven is in Baghdad to help negotiate the U.S. withdrawal and they are in Sadr City building bombs to strike Iran and blame Israel. Mossad also has agents working undercover to expose the plot. As the scheme is close to fruition, Sam is kidnapped in an attempt to silence Steven. All hell breaks loose in an effort to stop the conspirators and rescue Sam. But wait, there is surprise ending. 5 Stars  

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Review of "No Heaven, No Hell"

In this drawn out and far fetched tale of the afterlife, Dan Nelson attached his mind to Jeannie Stanforth minutes after his death. Shocked by the fact he was still alive, so to speak, Dan familiarized himself with his new situation. Jeannie and Dan soon discovered she wasn't the only person with an attached mind. A foundation was formed with family and friends to gather information and proof of this strange existence, to eventually present the reverie to the world. However, before they had the opportunity, their lives were threatened and they barely escaped death. Violence and turmoil became the state of affairs after their publication. This story would be improved by a professional editor. 2 Stars

Friday, May 1, 2015

Review of "Missionary or Mercenary"

ISNER G. had it made; he was comfortable in retirement, but he wanted more. He anonymously returned to his homeland determined to make a difference. His goal was to provide a home for all the children in a valley city who lived on the streets. He built a business selling herbals whose profits would support the children's home, meeting trusted friends along the way. Next he built a facility that produced an herbal tea which he sold to the entire nation for a dollar a bottle. He was successful and happy, and then the wheels fell off his machine. Politics, dirty politics undermined his mission, defamed his character and crushed his golden heart. He retreated from the organizations, but left them intact and in capable hands. Then he fell asleep on his way home. 5 Stars    

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Review of "The Making of a Community"

Pete Seibert's dream of a ski resort was the genesis of Vail, Colorado. After his hitch with the 10th Mountain Division in WWII and with the help of Earl Easton, Pete found the perfect spot for his dream. There were many people that helped Pete see his dream come true, including our author who spent over forty years in one aspect or another. But it wasn't only a ski resort, a new town and new culture developed as a result of the the way people worked together. Big, bold ideas, small, seemingly insignificant ideas and modern technology all played a role in what Vail is today. John plans on finishing his manuscript and publishing this fall, watch for it. 4 Stars  

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Review of "Whispering Whale"

Apocalyptic tale in which two families retreat into the wilderness to avoid the eradication of humanity through global warming and nuclear war. Justin and his family leave Oregon while Nicole and her family leave Washington State. Enduring food shortages, wild dogs and crazy goons, they travel in obscurity searching for a safe haven. Each family suffers the loss of members along the way until they meet near New Atlantis, a place well prepared for the cleansing. After more hardship, Justin and Nicole find themselves on a vessel called Cristine where the last of the world's whales waits for them. The leviathan's last deed is to pass on his heightened consciousness to the humans and thus the re-birth of an evolved human race. 5 Stars

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Review of "The Blue Goose"

Born in January of 1948, Mike had a hard drinking father who spent a lot of time at The Blue Goose. When mom and dad got divorced around age seven, Mike and slow, younger brother Dennis had to do the chores. At fifteen, Mike was on his own after dad took him out of school so he went to cosmetology school and got his license. Wanting something better, Mike joined the Army, but that life didn't go his way either. During a tour in Vietnam he continued to struggle, but managed to get his GED, and when discharged continued his education. Mike married and after two sons, divorced his abusive wife. Alone, Mike held good jobs, built a business and raised his sons. Now happily married and retired, he has finally earned his degree from the school of hard knocks. 3 Stars

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Review of "The Index Killer"

Sandy and his son Bryce were combing the beach with a metal detector when they discovered a gold ring, it was on a dead woman's finger. During the investigation, the Boca Raton police determined a serial killer was terrorizing the residents of the affluent Florida town. Petite blondes were raped, choked to death and had an index finger severed. The police chief's niece, Detective Catherine Delaney was assigned to the case, however she had to work with Detective Cody O'Dell whom she despised, and who seemed as interested in her as he was the murders. As the body count rose, the unlikely duo appeared to trip over themselves trying to find something that would break open the case. Simultaneously they uncovered the clue that led to the improbable suspect. 5 Stars          

Friday, April 24, 2015

Review of "Shot Down"

Historical account of the military career of First Lieutenant Howard Snyder and the crew of the B-17G, named for Snyder's daughter Susan Ruth. Beginning with his enlistment in the US Army, the story follows Snyder through training, flight schools, missions over Europe, being shot down, being sheltered, service to The Maquis and finally liberation near the end of the war. It also chronicles the lives of his crew who endured capture, imprisonment and some death at the hands of German forces. Steve Snyder's painstaking research is evident as he details the events in Shot Down. Similar to Tom Brokaw's The Greatest Generation, it's clear our duty is to Never Forget. 4 Stars  

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Review of "My Little People"

This novelette is a common sense guide to hospice. It describes what hospice is, how to prepare for it and what happens during the process. Annie includes some of the lessons she has learned in her tour of duty as a hospice social worker. She also shares some of her experiences with hospice patients. Annie's title My Little People provides insight into this compassionate and dedicated woman whose goal is to help people transition into the next life with grace and dignity. Let's face it, we all are going to die, reading this book may help with your experience of it. 3 Stars  

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Review of "Bat Out of Hell Discovery"

Darvell Green uses his vivid imagination to spin a tale of seventeenth century vampires, lycans, dark fae and Soul Reavers in a millenia war. As the vampires gain the advantage over the other races, vampire elder Eva sends her special weapon, Athena a novice vampire, to destroy the Soul Reavers. Although she slaughters his family, Athena couldn't kill the newborn Demeitris, instead she raises and trains him as her own child. As Demeitris grows, he acquires special skills and powers that will ultimately lead him to successfully recreate his race. This tale ends as Demeitris sets out on a journey that will test his resolve, and leads me to think there will be more books in this series. 3 Stars  

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Review of "When Angels Die"

Caroline's frightening account of being raped, occluded, stabbed and left for dead will leave you screaming with outrage. Unconscious and near death, she begged for more time to raise her young sons, as the Angel of Mercy called her home. Helicoptered to a hospital, she was stitched back together, but she didn't know her physical damage would be the easiest to recover from. Hearing her screams, her youngest son developed a speech impediment. Her oldest witnessed the vile attack and later suffered from depression, PTSD and attempted suicide. She found the boys therapists to help them recover and with them in university, Caroline found one to help her. She learned how to release the memories she so adeptly buried and wrote this story as a means to help other victims. 5 Stars

Review of "100 Years"

Memoir of an inner city youth who grew up in the projects and on the street. As a preteen drug user, Mark's ambition was to be a hustler, and he made it happen. After he was busted and sent to prison the first time, he returned to the streets as a hustler, but not a user. During his second stint in prison, Mark realized the men in his family spent a combined 100 years in prison, had a baby daughter, and decided to move in a different direction. He started reading, got his high school diploma, and found a higher power to help. After thirteen years in prison, he went to work in his father's rim and tire shop, and eventually opened his own business. Married with another daughter, Mark went to college and now reaches out to troubled youth in hopes his story will help them to a productive path. 3 Stars