Saturday, September 5, 2015

Review of "Howlers: Lupus Rex"

You're going to find everything you wanted to know about werewolves as you follow Aaron Darveau through the story. Aaron meets Karen, the girl of his dreams, but doesn't know those little love scratches on his back have changed his life forever. Chosen by Karen, the next female leader of the Pack, as her mate and the male leader, Aaron finds himself at a crossroads. Should he accept the offer to be Karen's husband and King or not? When he discovers a pact between the Pack and the Fectors, the werewolf hunters, that sends innocents to their death, he decides to rebel. Sutherland does a masterful job of entwining the characters to create a plot that will have you question all the myths surrounding the beasts. 4 Stars

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  1. Thanks, Richard! I think you even did a better job of summarizing the book than I did!