Monday, May 11, 2015

Review of "The Girl Who Nearly Missed the Plane"

This is the story of a conversation between two passengers on the thirteen hour flight from Hong Kong to Frankfurt. David, is an reticent English businessman in his fifties and Sumei (Suemay), is a gregarious Chinese student in her thirties. Sumei, who is late arriving, boards the plane last, and sits in the only seat available next to David. The colloquy starts innocently enough, then David finds himself attracted to Sumei and starts to divulge details about his life. He actually bares his soul much to the delight of Sumei, as flirting and innuendos permeate the dialogue. They even plan a potential liaison in the U.K when they arrive at their final destination. However, when they deplane in Frankfurt, the future is obscure. 4 Stars      

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