Sunday, June 30, 2019

Review of "The Triplets' Secret"

Jennifer Sturgis, a retired journalist decided to write a story about a Riverfield cold case, the disappearance of Crystal Scott. The triplets, Maggie, Karen, and Lisa were suspected of murdering Crystal, a Riverfield resident. Crystal was also a person of interest in the death of Patty Stanley. Riverfield was a labyrinth of secrets and Jennifer's interviews with the triplets began releasing them one by one. But the triplets weren't the one ones that had secrets. The story starts out a little slow but has enough oomph to keep you reading. 3 Stars

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Review of "Frankie Jones"

Abandoned by his father and orphaned by his mother's death, Frankie Jones entered adult life with gusto and determination. Was it the American Dream that Frankie sought or was it just to find himself and his place in the world? What Frankie ultimately found was sadly not what he was looking for or expected. J. R. Klein has created a character that will drive you to invoke questions about yourself, but there is one thing that is certain. You will not want to put this book down and when you're finished you will be very glad you read it. 5 Stars

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Review of "Premonition"

This story starts in Homeville, Virginia in both 1972 and 1864. It tells a tale of mistrust, deceit, infidelity, and murder. The author begins in 1972 with murder and flashes back to the civil war period to provide the background of a secretive family with interracial relations. I admire Lowe's success in actually bringing together two separate stories and numerous characters. This is the fourth review I have done for Tower Lowe and without a doubt, Premonition has proven to be her most difficult undertaking. If you admire an author's technical skills you will be delighted when you read this saga. 4 Stars 

Friday, January 4, 2019

Review of "Polar Melt"

This is another well-written novel from Martin Roy Hill. The fast-paced and riveting yarn describes events in the Arctic during a time of rapid ice melt. The Russians have built what appears to be an oil drilling platform, and the Americans have a spy ship disguised as a research vessel monitoring the Russian's activities. As the plot thickens, it holds the reader within its grasp while the strong clear voice of Hill comes shining through. If you like an action novel, get this one. You won't be disappointed. 5 Stars

Friday, August 24, 2018

Review of "Exposed Fury"

Overall this was a good read, albeit I found it a little slow getting started. The character, Ford is a mystery from beginning to end and seems to be more of a prop than a contributing factor. Flanigan has a smooth style and a clear, concise voice throughout. 4 Stars 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Review of "Dead Lemons"

This is only the second book I've read where the author is successful in jumping back and forth in time. Bell combines the past and the present with a clear and concise voice that keeps the reader from getting bored because the story does get slow at times. 4 Stars 

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Review of "Pancake Money"

Great plot, the kind that grows on you to the point of not wanting to stop reading. Bell has a strong, clear voice, but a slightly choppy style. If you like a good murder mystery, you're sure to love this one. 5 Stars

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Review of "The Alley Rat"

Miller's View: Book Five. Cranston Turner is revitalizing a poor area of Hammond, but the community church stands in his way. A reverend, a deacon and thirty church members lose their lives in an attempt to obtain the church. An eyewitness to one of the murders, Skylar (Birdy) Branson is hunted down and killed. Birdy was the niece of Detective Branson, Miller's partner. As the plot expands, Miller uses the rose-colored glasses in the investigation. This is a pretty straightforward story, light, entertaining and the ending suggests more stories to come. 3 Stars.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Review of "The Island of the Dead"

Miller's View: Book Four. Detective Jonathan Miller and Callie St. Claire are now married and honeymooning on the Island of the Dead. The police find a woman murdered and her companion badly beaten, Miller is accused. He convinces Detective Laura Newman to allow him to help in her investigation. Eventually, the pair solves that case, but uncover a lead in a cold case. When Miller and Newman solve the cold case, Miller returns to Lousiana and his new bride. Potts again displays the ability to unveil little secrets that enhance the plot. Her stories are inviting and easy to read in spite of the technical errors. 3 Stars       

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Review of "The Case of the Blue Diamonds"

Back in Hammond, Louisiana, Detective Jonathan Miller is thrust into another mystery and uses the rose-colored glasses as a talisman to aid his investigation. He is also now engaged to Callie St. Claire and has bought her a house and a new vehicle. Ilegal blue diamonds, conspiracy, and murder interlace the plot along with the spirits of darkness. As the plot nears the end, even more family secrets are revealed. There were times when I wasn't sure who was speaking and occasionally a sentence didn't make sense. There were also a few punctuation and layout errors. Although the story has merit, this is not Marlene's best work. 3 Stars

Friday, May 25, 2018

Review of "Conspiracy"

Gifted a copy for review. This is the first time in 192 reviews that I have assigned a single star. The book has no hook, meaning a reason to continue reading. The content is boring, the punctuation or more specifically the lack of is atrocious. I stopped reading in chapter five and went to listen to the wind. Don't waste your time or money on this one. 1 Star

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Review of "Holmes: The Darlington Substitution"

This yarn begins with Watson trying to sell his book of stories originally written for the Evening Gazette. He scored an interview with Charles Darlington for the radio in hopes of promoting the tome. During the interview, they discussed the stories, which were cases Holmes and Watson were involved in, and therein laid a clue. The day of the scheduled broadcast, Watson went to the Twisted Lip pub to meet Holmes and listen to the interview. Much to their chagrin, it featured another author, not Watson, and it was cut off early. Determined to find out what happened, Holmes grilled Watson on the interview and was sure he failed to deliver its crux. This story revealed the creative mind of the author and allowed us to experience the same crisp humor we’ve come to expect from Mel Small. 5 Stars 

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Review of "The False Prophet"

This is an epic tale of good versus evil. The False Prophet intended to command the towns in an apocalyptic America using his magnificent army. In addition, he forced his religion upon his people and repressed all others. Donald of Fisher had other plans and was torn between the love of two women. The war came down to the battle at Stonegate and after 6 days, the enemy wanted to parley. Donald accepted their surrender, but another attack was imminent. Balek Brown, a prophet's commander fought a bout with Donald but lost his head. Donald married his love and had Brown's head delivered to the False Prophet. The story has merit and is well written, although a tedious read. 3 Stars

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Review of "Investing in Vain"

Beatrice von Vain, the founder of Vain Capital was in deep trouble. Her company was underperforming for its clients and they were starting to pull their investments. That is until the California Retirement Asset Management (CRAM) fund came along. CRAM wanted to invest much differently and with the discovery of the HONEY BOO-BOO anomaly, it was wildly successful. Worsley has as much fun naming his characters as he does coming up with audacious schemes. Bruce Benson, a mild-mannered quant transforms into Brucilla Curious, a transgendered fund manager. A newly elected US female president tames a macho Russian president, but wait there's a lot more to read about here. You won't want to put this one down, it's hilarious. 5 Stars

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Review of "Freedom's Light"

In the wake of the devastating attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11, the American military was called to action. Rob Marrino and his squad, Light Force, were sent overseas on a recon mission. While in Iraq, they discovered a large plane being prepped by a band of terrorists. Rob was sure the terrorists were planning on another attack on America with the plane. The squad failed in an effort to stop the takeoff, but produced enough damage to cause a crash a few miles away. Now, with their position revealed, the squad engaged the terrorists in a gun battle before being rescued by helicopter. Saniscalchi presents a captivating, fictional chronicle in a slow, steady voice that is easy to read. 3 Stars 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Review of "Tunnels"

The North Koreans were building a huge tunnel under the DMZ and into South Korea with plans to invade. Tae, a poor North Korean, traveled to the South using part of the tunnel to connect with his brother to get much-needed supplies. The Americans devised a plan to destroy the tunnel, but it was extremely complicated and needed precise timing. As the plot developed, unforeseen events occur to threaten the outcome of the American plan, and many innocent lives. It takes a while to get to the crux of the story, but when you do, it pulls you in and you won't want to put the book down. Padilla's story is well thought out and delivered in a calm clear voice. 4 Stars

Monday, February 5, 2018

Review of "Lex Talionis"

Kramer, his dog Shadow, and his partner Brandt worked with Darci and Maria of Global Security Corp. The mission was to locate Harper, an international criminal who was working with the Cali Cartel and ISIS. Ten ISIS teams were scattered in different locations across the US ready to unleash their wrath against American citizens. Despite the efforts of the team, Harper proved to be a worthy adversary alluding capture with the aid of her twin sister, an FBI agent. The plot thickens as the ISIS attacks begin and Kramer realizes that Harper has her own agenda. Smith does a good job keeping the reader in suspense, his voice is loud and clear and his characters bold. 5 Stars

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Review of "Gables Court"

Samuel Baas, a young Jewish lawyer living in Miami, can't say no to people. He tries to help everyone. For a guy who wants to wait for marriage to enjoy sex, he's getting plenty. He works for little or nothing and it doesn't seem to bother him. Wierd dreams or flashbacks permeate his life. There's a girl named Kate, a boy named Daniel and a Nazi named Gleba, therein lies most of the story except for Gary, his best friend. There is more, but somehow it felt insignificant. It seemed like a strange novel to me, not bad, and maybe I didn't really understand it. It could be Kessler's style that threw me and his voice is low. If you like a story off the beaten path, this one is for you. 3 Stars

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Review of "Time Doesn't Matter"

This is kind of a two-part story; part one Nat-ul, the prehistoric cave girl and part two, Victoria Custer, aka Vic Challenger, the 1920's world traveler. Both characters had adventures surrounding killing wild beasts in order to survive and other life-threatening experiences. It really was never clear whether Vic had a dual personality, and ancestral memory and senses, or if she just had vivid dreams that helped her through the plot. In any event, the characters weren't well developed. The story was mildly entertaining, but the plot was repetitious and lacked progression and depth. 2 Stars

Friday, December 29, 2017

Review of "The Reconstruction"

Jessica Sanford, the protagonist, is an adopted Asian woman who does facial reconstruction and works with law enforcement. During a reconstruction assignment for an apparent homicide victim, she suspects the victim is her unknown twin sister. The story narrates her search to identify the victim and to determine if she is related. Mr. Wiegers does a good job with the main character's development and the book is an easy read. However, there is a lack of excitement and Jessica's personal and professional relationships are underdeveloped. All in all, for his first attempt at fiction, I think Mr. Wiegers did a good job. 3 Stars   

Friday, December 22, 2017

Review of "The Abduction Chronicles"

Herein, there are aliens, spaceships, domed cities, alien abductions, clones, and descendants from the future. All these are a part of the life of Thomas Hay, or so he says. Oh, and he has had multiple wives, he's quite the ladies man, again so he says. Then there is time travel to the future and back. The characters are mildly interesting and the book is written basically as a memoir. All in all, it's not a bad read, but not one that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I think the best part of this book, is the humorous side of the author. Mr. Hay has an intriguing way of keeping the reader interested, even if it's not in their preferred genre. 3 Stars     

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Review of "Victims of the Past"

Some young people were burned by a contaminant while swimming in the Susquehanna River. Moe Flynn, a private investigator, was hired by Liam Gallagher of the Manson Trading Company to help gather files for an aggressive assistant attorney general investigating the matter. Moe got his friend Joe Benedetti, another PI, to help out too. They started to dig into where the company's waste went and discovered that WasteCo, the company hired to dispose of it was corrupt. A file they found produced a spreadsheet that gave them the names of the truck drivers and others involved in the illegal dumping of toxic chemicals. When one of the swimmers died, all hell broke loose and Moe and Joe had to start putting all the loose ends together to find a solution. 4 Stars

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Review of "A Very Special Election"

Private Investigator, Bobby Caruso hired Joe Benedetti, another PI, to help him guard Ben Kupperman during his run for the US Senate. Joe got his friend Moe involved when he was harassed by two goons in the parking lot. There were secret late night meetings, possible illegal campaign contributions, a riot in the parking lot at campaign headquarters, even a Molotov cocktail and fire. Finally, the election was over with Ben winning by only 972 votes over Clement Sanders, his opponent, but that didn't end the violence. Joe was attacked by one of the goons in his own residence and with Moe's help was able to overcome his attacker. These are only some of the highlights, there is a lot more to this impressive novel. 5 stars

Monday, July 10, 2017

Review of "No Place to Die"

When a headless body was found in a dumpster, LAPD Detective Sam Leroy and his partner Detective Ray Quinn were called out to investigate. Later, the head was found by some hikers near the Hollywood sign. Then the detectives investigated the belongings of a hotel customer who didn't check out and found some pornographic photos. This led Leroy to Birmingham, Alabama and the office of P. I. William Kirk, the decapitated victim. Kirk's calendar led Leroy to J. T. Hightower who revealed a blackmail plot he was subject to and his pastor who sent Kirk to LA to deal with the extortion. Another body was found in a dumpster, this one was intact, Evald Mets. How is it all connected? You'll have to read the book to find out, and you'll be glad you did. 5 stars

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Review of "Frame Shop"

Pleasant Meadows Writers Guild and Critiquing Society, Harold, Bryce, Myrtle, Felicity, Carl, Bob, Minx and newbie Gantry, the members. Harold hooks up with Gantry to do research for him with Guy, the hitman. When the details of Guy's M.O. came up, they decided Harold should write the plot of the next hit framing someone else. It was successful, so Guy had Harold write for more hits. Although the plots worked perfectly, Harold still got criticism from the group. Bryce stumbled on an article in the paper about one of Harold's plots. Gantry did some research which led him to suspect Harold's involvement with several murders. Guy was tired of Harold's manipulation so this was going to be the last plot. Best laid plans....4 Stars

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Review of "Evelyn Marsh"

Evelyn and Howard Marsh were now empty nesters and their relationship seemed to be headed toward non-existence. Connie, a friend of Evelyn's encouraged her to open a shop to sell her artwork. When their pool man retired, Evelyn hired The Pool Boy, Ramon. He was young and attractive and she liked flirting until he went too far. Ramon suggested she go into business with him and gave her a prospectus. When Howard left his cell phone at home one day, Evelyn discovered he was cheating with Connie. Ramon showed Evelyn a porn video of him and her daughter, then tried to blackmail her. Evelyn, who felt guilty about killing a gopher in her garden had to do something, but what? Clemens writes an ending that is beautiful. 5 Stars

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Review of "The Ostermann House"

Professors, Michael and Audrey Felton were looking for a second home out in the country. They bought the old Ostermann house near the small town of Krivac, Texas. During the initial inspection, a walled off basement room was discovered and Michael decided to open it up, then things started happening. Objects would go missing and show up in another location, no explanation. People would tell stories, then change them, it made no sense. Then on the night of the new moon, the pond took on strange lights. After experiencing all these weird and unexplainable stories and events, Michael and Audrey decided to let go and sell the Ostermann house. What happened next may surprise or frighten you, but you'll have to read the book to find out. 5 stars

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Review of "No Safe Place"

The President of the United States issued a secret executive order authorizing the Secretary of Defense to release a deadly pathogen on an American city. The purpose was to study the city's reaction to better prepare the general population for a possible terrorist's attack. Trace Austin and his family traveled to Fort Lauderdale, the targeted city, to visit his mother-in-law. Once the flu-like disease spread, martial law was declared and a fence erected around the city. As the protracted plot evolved, Trace's son and mother-in-law die and he became a fugitive, hunted by General Vista, the man in charge. In the end, Austin discovered a report that implicates government officials and used the information to buy his wife and allies safety. 3 Stars

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Review of "The Last Confession of Morten Flygare"

Morten Flygare lived with a dark secret. He stalked and murdered a prostitute named Valentina in Sicily. He decided to go on the run fearing the cops were after him and the best way to escape was by a boat belonging to his sister's boyfriend. Aboard, he's beaten and told his sister's relationship is over. Unable to reach his sister, he went to her flat only to find she was missing. Disguised as a female, he went to the police station to report her missing to an inspector. He's told that she was in protective custody as an informant, then she's murdered and he blames the inspector. He decided to exact his revenge by kidnapping and murdering the inspector's daughter. Morten's secret may shock and disgust you. 2 Stars

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Review of "The Butcher's Bill"

There was a large conglomerate, Gordias, behind a lot of missing money in Iraq and it was run by an American politician from the shadows. Bill Butcher, a former NCIS agent's personal agenda was to avenge some wrongs he witnessed while he was deployed in Iraq including that missing money. Hill now begins the intricate plot that sends Bill Butcher and his best friend Linus Schag, another NCIS agent into a tale that includes murder, kidnapping, and extortion. As Bill commits some violent acts, Linus wonders if a medication he was given for malaria is at the root of his rogue behavior. Bill's relentless pursuit of his agenda ultimately is successful, but a deadly price. His last words to Linus were I will get him. This is an amazing novel. 5 Stars

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Review of "Angelina's Secret"

An aristocratic lady, Angelina and a narcissistic, French privateer, Jude met when he captured her ship at sea. After a game of chance, that she won, he released her and the ship. A short time later she met Jude again, her brother, Jonathan schooled with him. As they fell in love, she began having dreams of young women being murdered. When she was kidnapped by Darcy Montgomery, she learned that he committed those murders and intended to murder her too. Jude rescued her, then after they were married, he gave up privateering and joined her father's business, then learned she was pregnant. As they sailed for France, Jude was arrested and taken back to England to face charges while Angelina gave birth to twins. The ending will remain the secret. 4 Stars  

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Review of "When in a Hole, Stop Digging"

Madness and mayhem continue in the village of Throttle. Joe Lagg, estate agent and Roland Bullock, landowner became unskilled building developers. The Jackson brothers, bouncer type jobbing builders became the site managers. The situation turned bad when half of the 150 homes had water pouring out of them, meanwhile, one the canals had run dry. Someone had dug a ditch from under the canal to the new housing projects and during the dastardly deed, a man died. A friend of his saw what happened and was killed by the digger. Now, the discovery of asbestos in another development cause further stir in the community. But that is only part of this hilarious story, another good one from Colin Goodwin. 3 stars  

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Review of "Don't Get Mad Get Even"

Alfred Bullock lent his land to Throttle Cricket Club for ten years, but according to the agreement, they need to win a trophy or the land would go back to Bullock. When Alfred was injured, his son, Roland ran the business and was a bit of a twit about it. The club hired a ringer so they could win, but his salary was huge, so they had to devise a plan to make money. Roland found out the ringer liked to drink, then would miss the games and set a plan in motion. Albert and Geoffrey's houses were in direct line of the pitch and often hit, so they wanted the team to lose too, that way they could sell their houses. The shenanigans that happen next turn the town and its residents upside down. Goodwin provides a light-hearted and funny story for all readers to enjoy. 3 Stars

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Review of "What Am I?"

Death had been conquered, man did age, but regenerated and returned to infancy to grow and mature again. David Benson, a revolutionary hated that life and attempted suicide. His body was recovered and sent to be regenerated, and during the process an inner sense, Eldred took over. After regeneration by Lydia, Benson seemed normal, then in a fit of regained rage, Benson killed Lydia with the help of a synthetic handmaiden, Jade Flower. They destroyed her body, but it was actually a synthetic clone, Jade Flower was actually Lydia. Benson was tried by a judge for his crimes and sentenced to isolation on a moon. His quest to destroy the Central government continued and in the end nothing really changed, or did it? 2 Stars

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Review of "Gone on Sunday"

Little Mary was found beaten to death on her porch in 1972, just like her grandma, Bead Baker was back in 1932. The townspeople of Homeville, Virginia wondered if there was a connection between the two deaths because both women supposedly had "the gift". Cotton Lee Penn, a polio victim, was hired by attorney Max Mayfair to investigate. Max was representing Walker Kane, Little Mary's fiance who was afraid he was going to be blamed. There were a lot of secrets in that little town, especially in the Baker family. Tower Lowe sets the background of the family's lives in both generations then leads the reader to speculate who-dun-it. There is plenty of guilt to go around for all the characters and the ending is sure to surprise you. 4 Stars

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Review of "I See Things"

A psychic, Amanda, called and said a young woman was in a dark room with snakes, Detectives Delaney and O'Dell were assigned to investigate. The woman, Hillary Blackstone was later found murdered. Amanda called again and said the man was doing terrible things to a girl on a red bed. The police found body parts in plastic bags in the Intercoastal, then Amanda gets shot. A. R. Alan is a master in spinning the plot full of mystery and suspense. Delaney and O'Dell use their wits and assets to untwist the clues and find the perpetrator. But the story doesn't end there, Delaney is dealt a shocking surprise, that may just lead to another stunning novel by Alan. Let's look forward to that! 5 stars  

Friday, February 17, 2017

Review of "The Past Rushes Forward"

When a woman and her two children were murdered in a drive-by shooting outside a Burger King, Detective Catherine Delaney, and her partner, Cody O'Dell were called in to investigate. During a trip to a grocery store, Delaney saw a man and a little girl doing their shopping. When the man referred to the little girl as Pussy Cat, Delaney remembered the night she was raped as a child by a man who called her Pussy Cat. A. R. Alan now has the basis for a gripping crime novel that will keep you reading well into the night. There is a departure from the marvelous humor Alan usually writes with, but she does continue the playful banter between the two detectives. Pick this one up, you won't be disappointed. 5 Stars

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Review of "Right Turn"

Selecting the very best driver education program for your teen may be among the most important decisions you will every make for them. It's important to remember that driver education programs only provide about 10% of supervised driving time prior to licensing. Another key point to focus on is that your teen has been watching you drive for years and deciding what is acceptable behind the wheel. Reading Right Turn prior to selecting a program will give you insight to the good, bad and ugly of the driving experience and promote a positive experience for you and your teen. Even if you don't learn something new for yourself, you will at the very least be prepared to fully interact with you new driver and his professional teacher. 4 Stars

Friday, February 3, 2017

Review of "The Ghosts of Ukuthula"

Jacob Nkwe, aka Zulu, was CIA and worked for Jim Collins, a director in the state department. Zulu's mission was to collect intel on Colonel Petrov, a Russian who led a force trying to prevent a black coalition government in South Africa. Petrov was going to put his own people in power and steal the county's resources. When Zulu's office building in Pretoria was bombed, he went ghost and got a job at a game park in Namibia. He also got in a gang smuggling weapons for diamonds with half brother, Bakai. Debbie Kotzee, the park manager, had an affair with Zulu, but was linked to the South African Secret Police. At this point McBee ups the plot's intensity as his characters escape danger and save South Africa's future. 4 Stars

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Review of "Between Two Fires"

In the year 597, sixteen-year-old Branwen was betrothed to Morgan, the Hammer King of South Wales. The purpose was to ally the warring kingdoms of Dyfed and South Wales under Morgan to oppose the invading Saxons. Sadly, the marriage was a farce and Branwen escaped only to be taken by Sir Artagan Blacksword of the Free Cantrefs, another Welsh kingdom. As Noce builds his epic plot, Branwen the heroin encounters many trials and tribulations and eventually weds Artagan and has his child. While the Welsh continued to war against each other, the Saxons seemed to hold the upper hand, but Branwen comes into her own as queen in time to unite the Welsh and defeat the Saxons. 5 Stars

Monday, January 23, 2017

Review of "Shadow Soldiers"

This book is three separate stories with a common underlying theme, to rid the evil that crossed the threshold of the Shadow Soldier. Each story reveals the darkness we all know exists, but try to shun and do nothing about. The first story was about a man whose family was tortured and killed by a Mexican Drug Cartel, the Cartel was eliminated. Story two was about a young woman who was abducted and tortured as a child, 100 perverts lost their lives. The final story was prompted by the abduction of a young girl by a human trafficking ring. The ring was eviscerated. The author provokes these questions. Why do these evils continue to exist in modern cultures? Is the solution as wrong as the darkness? Where do we go from here? I'm not sure there are any answers. 5 Stars  

Friday, January 20, 2017

Review of "First Casualty"

Gabriel Wolfe, British covert operative, his mission: Back to the Mozambican forest to retrieve his buddy, Smudge's remains. But first stop off and kill Phillip Agambe, the Zimbabwean defense minister who according to the British Prime Minister is channeling funds to an Islamic terrorist group and planning a coup. While Gabriel was completing the first part of the mission, Agambe revealed a clue as to why he was targeted. The second part of the mission failed and Gabriel and his partner Britta narrowly escaped with their lives. Determined to discover the meaning of Agambe's clue, Gabriel uncovers a conspiracy to use British government resources for unimaginable deeds. Maslen does a marvelous job with the plot to keep the reader intrigued. 5 Stars

Monday, January 16, 2017

Review of "Hunting Savage"

When two murders were perpetrated at the same time 400 miles apart using very unusual ammunition, questions were quickly raised. Peter Savage owner of EJ Enterprises was interviewed by law enforcement about the projectiles. They came from magnetic impulse guns, manufactured for the military by Peter's company. When Peter investigated how someone could get the weapons, he was pulled into a conspiracy to involve the United States in a Middle Eastern war to propagate power and greed. The events that happen next, expose an enigmatic military event in June of 1967 and put Peter's life in danger. Hunting Savage is riveting, fast-paced and demonstrates Edlund's ability to keep the reader on the edge of their seat. 5 Stars  

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Review of "War of the Staffs"

Epic fantasy tale of good versus evil that included dragons, warlocks, wizards and warring factions. Taza, a vampire, ruled the city, Dormin on the planet, Muiria. His goal was to create a world of vampires using the evil power of the Staff of Adonis. Melgor, a warlock was Taza's lackey and charged with killing a Parthian prince, Tarquin and Celedant, his wizard guide. Their goal was to find the two pieces of the Staff of Adaman and use the good power of that staff to defeat Taza. The story ends with Celedant finding one piece of the staff, the amber crystal and the battle to regain control of the fortress, Brackus. The authors went into great detail describing history, places and the clashing factions, but not so much on fabricating the main characters. 3 Stars

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Review of "not a BluePrint"

Growing up with an abusive father was the beginning of toxic relationships for Nina. Her relationship with Craig, a married man produced a child, China. Throughout her life, Nina stepped from one bad relationship to another, but one thing alway ran true, her love for China. At the tender age of sixteen, China developed cancer, Hodgkin Lymphoma. Despite her illness and its treatments, China made it through high school and graduated on June 6, 1989. The cancer wouldn't give up and eventually China needed a bone marrow transplant. After a brief respite, China was hospitalized and finally succumbed to her illness on November 3, 1992. Nina was working and never made it to the hospital in time to be with China in her last moments. 2 Stars

Friday, December 30, 2016

Review of "The Nettle Tree"

The Nettle Tree claims to be a genre stretching collection of strangely different western stories. I agree, it certainly is that. Of the thirteen short stories in the anthology, I found interest in two. The Nettle Tree and Welcome, Stranger both tickled my sense of adventure, curiosity and were entertaining. Beyond those, the rest were stories one might chronicle with the episodes of The Twilight Zone. I have read several western and fantasy novels over the past couple of years, but nothing like this which I get was the point of the book. For all of you out there that enjoy stretching your imagination, this book is for you. 3 Stars

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Review of "Good-Bye Russia Hello America"

Well written story about Russian Jews who came to America to start a new life. Nathan and Louis were the first and settled in New York, then came Jack, Rubin, and Mama Ida. Ida's oldest son, Yehuda stayed with his family in Brest. Jack married Bela and Rubin married Lota. All the boys were successful, then Jack was inducted to serve in the Army during WWII. He was sent to language school and served as a linguist. During his deployment in Europe, Jack met Vladimir, a holocaust survivor. During a three-day leave, Jack found Mosha Vinkovsky, a relative, at Buchenwald and hoped to take her to America. Vladimir and Mosha left for Italy instead, in hopes of making it Palestine. It was years later that the family learned that Vladimir and Mosha married and had a child. 4 stars

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Review of "Consequences of Falling"

After a bitter divorce in Dayton, Ohio, Kimberly Young, aka Elizabeth Trent, returned to her hometown, Riverfield, Missouri. She signed on at the CYA Clinic to work as a psychologist and counseled Grace Benton. When Grace was abducted and found dead, her father, Peter Benton accused Kimberly of being involved and attacked her. She died shortly after the incident in a fiery car crash, then Peter was found by his boss, Ito, with his throat slashed in his home. Peter's co-worker at Shikata, Connelly Dunnerman was found by Ito in his office with an apparent heart attack. Were the deaths related? Was there a conspiracy at work? Sartori does a masterful job of keeping the truth from the reader until the very end. 5 Stars

Monday, December 19, 2016

Review of "High Plains Fort"

After a fight with his father, Justin Tolliver left their South Carolina plantation to make a new life out West. On his way, Justin stopped to say good-bye to the love of his life, Amelia and promised to send for her when he got settled. After taking some odd jobs on his way, Justin hooked up with the Bent brothers and was hired to run the store in their fort along the Sante Fe Trail. The fort was a haven for the wagon trains moving west and a place for the trappers and traders to do business. But the Comanche Indians provided a serious threat to the fort and its inhabitants. Holt proves again that she can spin a well-told western tale and one that's hard to put down. 4 Stars

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Review of "from Stardust to Babylon"

This is a memoir, an extraordinary story and from my point of view, rather unbelievable. Amanda and Simon became lovers in their teens, but they couldn't live with the concept of love. Instead, they lived to hurt each other, him flaunting his new girls, and her marrying for the wrong reasons. Simon died at the age of thirty-seven, then Amanda began hearing Simon's voice, and even feeling his presence with her. It became a stumbling block in her marriage to Richard which ultimately ended in divorce. Amanda continued her journey in the metaphysical and related her experiences in the second part of the book. However, it is clear that Amanda has put a lot of thought and energy into writing her story. 2 Stars