Saturday, April 25, 2015

Review of "The Index Killer"

Sandy and his son Bryce were combing the beach with a metal detector when they discovered a gold ring, it was on a dead woman's finger. During the investigation, the Boca Raton police determined a serial killer was terrorizing the residents of the affluent Florida town. Petite blondes were raped, choked to death and had an index finger severed. The police chief's niece, Detective Catherine Delaney was assigned to the case, however she had to work with Detective Cody O'Dell whom she despised, and who seemed as interested in her as he was the murders. As the body count rose, the unlikely duo appeared to trip over themselves trying to find something that would break open the case. Simultaneously they uncovered the clue that led to the improbable suspect. 5 Stars          

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  1. Dear Mr. Lang, I guess you love to read thrillers. I too read a lot of thrillers. But I have written a love story called The Road Taken (after the famous Robert Frost poem). I am following you on Goodreads also. This blog of yours is wonderful. I liked all the reviews above.