Friday, August 21, 2015

Review of "For Your Damned Love"

If you're looking for sarcasm and bravado you'll find it right here. Juanito, the shoeshine boy escaped the orphanage to find a new talent, he became the street fighter, El Martillo. He worked his way up the underworld ladder to become number two, behind the legendary Armando Lios Leyva. When Stan Russell made a drug deal with Armando, he had Armando kidnap his diva yet onerous wife Dancy. Her father, Con O'Donough hired Doc Hardesty to find her. Armando tried to reward Martillo for his skill and loyalty, but all Martillo wanted was the girl. During a scuffle, Martillo kills his mentor and takes over the business. As the plot winds down, Doc does rescue the diva and brings her back, but not before ravaging her for his own interests. 4 Stars

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