Monday, June 22, 2015

Review of "A Nation for Refugees"

Nata Utla worked in a local office of the Non-governmental Office (NGO) helping refugees. He lived in a house inherited from his grandparents with Zulu, his cat. On foreign assignment, he spent two years abroad working in a refugee camp. Disillusioned when the camp closed, Nata quit his job, then opened a neighborhood coffee shop and started a blog about refugees. With his business failing and no perceived blog success, Sarah, a girl from his former office reappeared in his life. With her ideas about business, they resurrected the coffee shop and found achievements in his blog. Nata gained world acclaim as a champion for refugees. As his achievements mounted his cat Zulu died, and Sarah became ill. Read this book to learn it's ending, and you will be glad you did. 5 Stars      

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  1. "Thank you Richard Lang, for reviewing all of my books, glad that you liked it the most, my great editor/teacher Victoria Giraud who does the hardest job of editing for all of my books also liked it the most, and I think that speaks volume, thank you so much, really appreciated!!!