Monday, August 24, 2015

Review of "Taking Leaps and Finding Ghosts"

Ginny Lawther finally made one of her dreams come true in the fall of her life, being a published author. She wanted to share the things she learned with other people, and help them achieve their goals as well as a new one of hers. She started the Ideal Life Club which had four other members, Lydia, Hilda, Jerry and Lee. The goal was to set out specific steps at a meeting each month for six months to attain each members goal. Ginny wanted to be a homeowner, Lydia wanted to write a cookbook, Hilda wanted to build a craft business, Jerry wanted to be a singer-songwriter, and Lee wanted to rid his renovation business of stranger occurrences. DeLee uses her style and voice to keep the reader engaged in this charmingly entertaining story. 3 Stars  

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