Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Review of "A Very Special Election"

Private Investigator, Bobby Caruso hired Joe Benedetti, another PI, to help him guard Ben Kupperman during his run for the US Senate. Joe got his friend Moe involved when he was harassed by two goons in the parking lot. There were secret late night meetings, possible illegal campaign contributions, a riot in the parking lot at campaign headquarters, even a Molotov cocktail and fire. Finally, the election was over with Ben winning by only 972 votes over Clement Sanders, his opponent, but that didn't end the violence. Joe was attacked by one of the goons in his own residence and with Moe's help was able to overcome his attacker. These are only some of the highlights, there is a lot more to this impressive novel. 5 stars

Monday, July 10, 2017

Review of "No Place to Die"

When a headless body was found in a dumpster, LAPD Detective Sam Leroy and his partner Detective Ray Quinn were called out to investigate. Later, the head was found by some hikers near the Hollywood sign. Then the detectives investigated the belongings of a hotel customer who didn't check out and found some pornographic photos. This led Leroy to Birmingham, Alabama and the office of P. I. William Kirk, the decapitated victim. Kirk's calendar led Leroy to J. T. Hightower who revealed a blackmail plot he was subject to and his pastor who sent Kirk to LA to deal with the extortion. Another body was found in a dumpster, this one was intact, Evald Mets. How is it all connected? You'll have to read the book to find out, and you'll be glad you did. 5 stars

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Review of "Frame Shop"

Pleasant Meadows Writers Guild and Critiquing Society, Harold, Bryce, Myrtle, Felicity, Carl, Bob, Minx and newbie Gantry, the members. Harold hooks up with Gantry to do research for him with Guy, the hitman. When the details of Guy's M.O. came up, they decided Harold should write the plot of the next hit framing someone else. It was successful, so Guy had Harold write for more hits. Although the plots worked perfectly, Harold still got criticism from the group. Bryce stumbled on an article in the paper about one of Harold's plots. Gantry did some research which led him to suspect Harold's involvement with several murders. Guy was tired of Harold's manipulation so this was going to be the last plot. Best laid plans....4 Stars

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Review of "Evelyn Marsh"

Evelyn and Howard Marsh were now empty nesters and their relationship seemed to be headed toward non-existence. Connie, a friend of Evelyn's encouraged her to open a shop to sell her artwork. When their pool man retired, Evelyn hired The Pool Boy, Ramon. He was young and attractive and she liked flirting until he went too far. Ramon suggested she go into business with him and gave her a prospectus. When Howard left his cell phone at home one day, Evelyn discovered he was cheating with Connie. Ramon showed Evelyn a porn video of him and her daughter, then tried to blackmail her. Evelyn, who felt guilty about killing a gopher in her garden had to do something, but what? Clemens writes an ending that is beautiful. 5 Stars

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Review of "The Ostermann House"

Professors, Michael and Audrey Felton were looking for a second home out in the country. They bought the old Ostermann house near the small town of Krivac, Texas. During the initial inspection, a walled off basement room was discovered and Michael decided to open it up, then things started happening. Objects would go missing and show up in another location, no explanation. People would tell stories, then change them, it made no sense. Then on the night of the new moon, the pond took on strange lights. After experiencing all these weird and unexplainable stories and events, Michael and Audrey decided to let go and sell the Ostermann house. What happened next may surprise or frighten you, but you'll have to read the book to find out. 5 stars

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Review of "No Safe Place"

The President of the United States issued a secret executive order authorizing the Secretary of Defense to release a deadly pathogen on an American city. The purpose was to study the city's reaction to better prepare the general population for a possible terrorist's attack. Trace Austin and his family traveled to Fort Lauderdale, the targeted city, to visit his mother-in-law. Once the flu-like disease spread, martial law was declared and a fence erected around the city. As the protracted plot evolved, Trace's son and mother-in-law die and he became a fugitive, hunted by General Vista, the man in charge. In the end, Austin discovered a report that implicates government officials and used the information to buy his wife and allies safety. 3 Stars