Monday, October 26, 2015

Review of "Green Girl"

Ostracised by her father, Allanas was raised by Lindor, a healer. She would get sick and her skin would change color, from yellow to a deep green, and a voice called to her in her sleep. The villagers didn't understand and eventually she left to survive on her own. She was captured and sold into slavery, but lucky to be owned by a benevolent man, Branthor a sort of scientist. Allanas was happy to be his assistant, and grew found of those around her, then he died and she was sold again. The governor of the kingdom bought her and gave her to the king of Cessor as a gift, a concubine. The voice, a dragon became stronger and tried to take over her mind and body. When the king raped her, she called out to the dragon to help; he slayed the king and took her to his land to be with her own kind. 5 stars  

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