Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Review of "The Encounter"

Honey Serrano is as hot as her name sounds, the curvy, blue eyed blonde can really turn heads. Charlie Bolton is a clean cut, college guy working part-time in a men's clothing store. When Honey shops for Christmas presents for her dad, Charlie is more than happy to help, and the bud of romance opens. Ernie, Honey's dad is a secretive South Florida businessman, and takes a shine to Charlie. Ernie convinces Charlie to run some errands for him, and bring him into his underworld fold. When Honey decides to go into business for herself, she needs Charlie to get started. As the plot expands, Hossler introduces the FBI, the Russian Mob, the New York Crime Syndicate, and a Cuban thug to not only challenge Honey's operation, but to enhance Charlie's experience in trafficking drugs. 4 Stars  

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