Friday, June 12, 2015

Review of "The Chronicles of Sambreia"

This tale is about a kingdom divided as the result of the last monarch's death. William Landon, the King of This Side of the Kingdom deems it necessary to hold Ranger and Courier School (RCS) as a means to train the children to engage their enemy. The King's two children are reduced in rank during this experience, and are off limits to relationships. The three Kingston children are under suspicion after being held and trained by Lord Randal the ruler of The Other Side of the Kingdom. Extremely strict rules and assignments keep the children busy and PE builds their strength and endurance. Ultimately there is a test and a battle with Lord Maguire, the Prince of Darkness. Does RCS help to champion the Kingdom? You'll enjoy finding out. 4 stars      

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  1. Thank you. I truly appreciate your support and review.

    Shantelle Ruppel