Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Review of "Angry Enough to Kill"

Loring the stockbroker, Robin the veterinarian, and Kendy the owner of a car dealership are best friends, and they all have darkness in their lives. Loring had a sexually abusive father, Robin's niece was murdered and chopped up, and Kendy was raped. On a run-away-from-home weekend the women play a game, how to commit the perfect murder; the targets, predatory pedophiles. When Loring stalks a suspected pedophile the game becomes real, and she suspects the man tortures and kills his victims. But she doesn't know that he has spotted her and now she is being stalked. As the plot spirals on, mayhem, murder and suicide creep in and stymie their best laid plans. Dunn provides a unique style in this thriller. 4 Stars

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