Saturday, October 31, 2015

Review of "In Gallup, Greed"

In Gallup, New Mexico, the Redemption Gallery was supposed to honor Native American artists. Lonnie, Nez and Lolo sold their art in hopes of gaining national and international recognition, according to Jerry the owner. Lonnie is murdered and his sister Mirage fears she may have done it. Her friend Alice calls Cinnamon and Burro, a couple of private investigators she knows to investigate. Alice and Cinnamon maybe half sisters and Burro is delusional. During the investigation, they discover the gallery is a front for a money laundering scheme and Jerry is running an online prostitution ring. Cinnamon and Lolo are both assaulted by Lonnie's killer who is one of Jerry's partners. 4 Stars          

Monday, October 26, 2015

Review of "Green Girl"

Ostracised by her father, Allanas was raised by Lindor, a healer. She would get sick and her skin would change color, from yellow to a deep green, and a voice called to her in her sleep. The villagers didn't understand and eventually she left to survive on her own. She was captured and sold into slavery, but lucky to be owned by a benevolent man, Branthor a sort of scientist. Allanas was happy to be his assistant, and grew found of those around her, then he died and she was sold again. The governor of the kingdom bought her and gave her to the king of Cessor as a gift, a concubine. The voice, a dragon became stronger and tried to take over her mind and body. When the king raped her, she called out to the dragon to help; he slayed the king and took her to his land to be with her own kind. 5 stars  

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Review of "The Sum of His Worth"

Riveting story about a poor boy, Sonny Poe growing up in Alabama in the '50's and '60's with his widowed mom and two brothers. While out on a little hunting escapade with a buddy, the boys witness the Klan beat and hang a black man. While Sonny gets in all the usual jams a kid his age does, he befriends a black man, Harvey Nixon who teaches the kid how to defend himself. Sonny meets Dr. Joe Peach, a dentist and advocate for civil rights. Dr. Joe takes Sonny under his wing to help guide him after the death of Sonny's dad. When Dr. Joe gets a new Civil Service position reporting injustices to the Feds, Sonny becomes a sort of investigator helping Joe's cause. But corrupt government and the Klan will have none of it and plan to stop the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. Joe and Sonny. 5 Stars

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Review of "Countdown to Atomgeddon-Europe"

In August of 1944, Nate and Blake were recalled to active duty in the Army to lead teams (Alsos) in Europe. Their mission was to secure needed materials and scientists in the race to build the first atomic bomb. The Germans and the Russians were also in the race for the same goal. John and Dino, classmates at UCLA, were recruited and reported to Major Powers, the coordinator of the Alsos teams. While Allied Forces were driving the Nazis out of Italy and France, Alsos teams relied heavily upon Enzo and Nora, leaders of the Italian Underground for help locating resources. The team's missions were successful and contributed to the Manhattan Project and the ultimate atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 3 Stars

Monday, October 5, 2015

Review of "Maya: Initiate 39"

Maya Isaacs was being raised by Samuel, the man that married and divorced her mother. When Maya tried to discover her milieu from Samuel, she wasn't satisfied with his tale. She sought to find her destiny by joining a youth group called the Alternative Lifestyle Group (ALG). The group got her involved in drug trafficking, prostitution, and thievery. Maya decided to steal money from an ALG drug sale, but was busted by the police and sent to prison. There she was ameliorated by a group of inmates and befriended by Van Brussels, a man she nearly killed earlier on. Released from prison early, she was educated as a secretary and given a job in Brussels' company. It was there she fell in love with Brussels' adopted son. Her transformation was inspirational. 3 Stars

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Review of "Calla's Curse"

Complicated little yarn about the mobs on Long Island and the cops trying to put the players behind bars or in the ground. Vin the Deck's step-daughter Calla wants nothing to do with him or his mob lifestyle. She joins a convent, but leaves before taking her final vows. Calla hooks up and falls in love with Hank Blacksen, one of the cops out to get her step-father. As the plot thickens, Hank's partner is killed, his brother is put on life support and Calla is in a coma, all courtesy of the mobsters. Hank and his new partner, Alma devise a plan to pay Vin his dues, but then Hank's brother dies adding fuel to his fire. 3 Stars