Monday, August 31, 2015

Review of "Caught in a Dream"

This novel is like an episode of The Twilight Zone; twisted, turned upside down and inside out. The basis for this story as I understand it is: the protagonist can't tell if he's awake, sleeping or dreaming. The author created a storyline so muddled and confusing that it's extremely difficult to determine, what where or with whom the protagonist is dealing; and I assume that is exactly the intent, or is it? According to the author most of the story is true, a composite of dreams and nightmares of many people. Sergeant Major, thank you for your 23+ years service to our nation. 2 Stars

Monday, August 24, 2015

Review of "Taking Leaps and Finding Ghosts"

Ginny Lawther finally made one of her dreams come true in the fall of her life, being a published author. She wanted to share the things she learned with other people, and help them achieve their goals as well as a new one of hers. She started the Ideal Life Club which had four other members, Lydia, Hilda, Jerry and Lee. The goal was to set out specific steps at a meeting each month for six months to attain each members goal. Ginny wanted to be a homeowner, Lydia wanted to write a cookbook, Hilda wanted to build a craft business, Jerry wanted to be a singer-songwriter, and Lee wanted to rid his renovation business of stranger occurrences. DeLee uses her style and voice to keep the reader engaged in this charmingly entertaining story. 3 Stars  

Friday, August 21, 2015

Review of "For Your Damned Love"

If you're looking for sarcasm and bravado you'll find it right here. Juanito, the shoeshine boy escaped the orphanage to find a new talent, he became the street fighter, El Martillo. He worked his way up the underworld ladder to become number two, behind the legendary Armando Lios Leyva. When Stan Russell made a drug deal with Armando, he had Armando kidnap his diva yet onerous wife Dancy. Her father, Con O'Donough hired Doc Hardesty to find her. Armando tried to reward Martillo for his skill and loyalty, but all Martillo wanted was the girl. During a scuffle, Martillo kills his mentor and takes over the business. As the plot winds down, Doc does rescue the diva and brings her back, but not before ravaging her for his own interests. 4 Stars

Monday, August 17, 2015

Review of "Forever and Always Destiny"

Cindy met Danny when she was fourteen and he immediately left an indelible yet haunting mark on her soul. They became friends, then boyfriend and girlfriend and ultimately lovers, but the relationship was tumultuous. They fought, then broke up, then made up and started the cycle over again. Just when things looked like they were going to work out, Danny announced he got a girl pregnant and got married. Cindy moved on and had a couple of somewhat serious relationships, but never stopped loving Danny. They always stayed in touch until one day when Danny said he was moving away to focus on his marriage. Finally Cindy knew this was her chance to make a clean break of her own, then one day when she answered the door there stood Danny. 4 Stars  

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Review of "The Encounter"

Honey Serrano is as hot as her name sounds, the curvy, blue eyed blonde can really turn heads. Charlie Bolton is a clean cut, college guy working part-time in a men's clothing store. When Honey shops for Christmas presents for her dad, Charlie is more than happy to help, and the bud of romance opens. Ernie, Honey's dad is a secretive South Florida businessman, and takes a shine to Charlie. Ernie convinces Charlie to run some errands for him, and bring him into his underworld fold. When Honey decides to go into business for herself, she needs Charlie to get started. As the plot expands, Hossler introduces the FBI, the Russian Mob, the New York Crime Syndicate, and a Cuban thug to not only challenge Honey's operation, but to enhance Charlie's experience in trafficking drugs. 4 Stars  

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Review of "Angry Enough to Kill"

Loring the stockbroker, Robin the veterinarian, and Kendy the owner of a car dealership are best friends, and they all have darkness in their lives. Loring had a sexually abusive father, Robin's niece was murdered and chopped up, and Kendy was raped. On a run-away-from-home weekend the women play a game, how to commit the perfect murder; the targets, predatory pedophiles. When Loring stalks a suspected pedophile the game becomes real, and she suspects the man tortures and kills his victims. But she doesn't know that he has spotted her and now she is being stalked. As the plot spirals on, mayhem, murder and suicide creep in and stymie their best laid plans. Dunn provides a unique style in this thriller. 4 Stars

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Review of "Vote of Confidence"

This is a fast moving, quirky and fun little story about how to get a Democrat elected Mayor of San Diego. BeeBee Blaylock, working for the Miniver camp, meets Flyer and Deck, two homeless jailbirds and recruits them to help her. This begins the shady and at times illegal shenanigans they employ to get the votes in for their man. As new members are recruited, the team dawns the name Dread Viper and moves into their Lair to enhance the operation. When a new campaign manager is brought aboard, the team is fired. With Miniver closing in on the lead, BeeBee jumps to the Jamison camp in hopes of saving face for the team. The only way to win the election is to expose the voter fraud that Dread Viper perpetrated for Miniver. Way to go Linton, this one is a winner! 4 Stars  

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Review of "Murder in Palm Beach"

Mitt Hecher, a petty thug who ran a karate school and his pal Davey Ross, liked to cause trouble in Palm Beach bars. When Rodger Kriger, a wealthy restauranter was killed in his home the state's attorney, Bosworth and prosecutor, Scraponia pinned the rap on Hecher. Hecher was convicted and sentenced to prison for twenty-five years. After twenty-five failed appeals the Florida Board of Clemency commuted the remaining ten years as time served. Tom Palladin, a key player in his release gave Hecher the name of the real killer, Generoso Gagliardi. Hecher and three pals tracked the killer down and brought him to justice. Hecher's conviction was overturned, and he was exonerated. Scraponia was sentenced to prison, but Bosworth escaped punishment. 4 Stars    

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Review of "Justified Action"

Tallmadge McAllister Chambers (Tall) was three months from retiring from the Army when he got a call from an old friend, Stephen Winslow, that changed his life forever. He was recruited into an elite and secret agency that took care of the business no one else could by the General. Tall who excelled at his job, saved the General's daughter from thugs trying to rob a bank. She thanked him by becoming his wife, much to the chagrin of her father. When she died in a car accident, Tall's world was shattered. He threw himself into his work which led him to find a network of twisted, ruthless people and lies. He found that the person he trusted the most had betrayed him for political gain. Action packed and riveting, Staggs delivered a story you won't want to put down. 5 Stars