Monday, June 22, 2015

Review of "A Nation for Refugees"

Nata Utla worked in a local office of the Non-governmental Office (NGO) helping refugees. He lived in a house inherited from his grandparents with Zulu, his cat. On foreign assignment, he spent two years abroad working in a refugee camp. Disillusioned when the camp closed, Nata quit his job, then opened a neighborhood coffee shop and started a blog about refugees. With his business failing and no perceived blog success, Sarah, a girl from his former office reappeared in his life. With her ideas about business, they resurrected the coffee shop and found achievements in his blog. Nata gained world acclaim as a champion for refugees. As his achievements mounted his cat Zulu died, and Sarah became ill. Read this book to learn it's ending, and you will be glad you did. 5 Stars      

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Review of "Samantha's Talent"

Samantha Douglas had a special talent, she could talk to and understand animals. While living in Alaska she could even interact with grizzly bears until a rabid wolverine threatened some school children. She and her parents were ostracized by the community and moved to Texas, but things weren't a whole lot better there. Another move to an animal sanctuary went well until rogue groups tried to abduct her. Murder and mayhem surrounded her. Finally a secret government agency brought her and her parents in for safety, but they also had an agenda. The agency had a team of scientists assigned to her, and after much study and testing to define her talent, she was assigned the opportunity to try to communicate with an alien, and she led the team to success. 3 Stars  

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Review of "Killing for Christmas"

David Bane spent eighteen years in prison, wrongly convicted of killing his wife. It's the Christmas season and snow is falling heavily as Bane returns to Red Brook to search for the real killer, prodded by his wife's ghost. In the mean time, a high ranking copper named Honour is cleansing the town of Filth. Honour plans to snatch his adopted daughter, Alex away from Race who pimps her, so he can abuse her himself. As the plot thickens, Bane sees an incredible resemblance between his dead wife and Alex, while several people die at the hands of the murderous Honour. When Bane suddenly becomes aware of the cached relationships that entangle and torment his mind an onslaught of action takes place. 4 Stars

Monday, June 15, 2015

Review of "The Cursed Nation"

This is the story of Iskandar Punta, a child who lost his parents in an accident and was raised by his grandmother. He grew up and joined the ruling political party of his country and rose to the post of assistant to the Prime Minister. Immune to political graft he was ostracized by the party. He found his place in an indigent community where he brought about tremendous change as an independent member of the ruling body. When an election demanded a coalition government, Iskandar was nominated Prime Minister. The changes he brought about looked promising, however they were not meant for the Cursed Nation. He resigned his post, and returned to the community that loved him and sadly left them a broken man. 3 Stars      

Review of "The Coven Initiates"

This is the mystical tale of good and evil in the land called The Pix. Within The Pix are many realms in which kings and knights abound, and are governed independently. However when the forces of evil invade The Pix, these realms unite in an attempt to dispatch the intruders. Also in The Pix are the witches of wiccan magic, the sorceresses of black magic and the enchantress of faerie magic. Sharon of The Other World uses the Griffin's Gauntlet to defeat madman Bain the Dragon King and brings peace to The Pix. Justin of Kurault resurrects the Knights of the Citadel as the King of Kurault. But there is a lot more to this story, and the open ending will have you yearning for more from Wesley Lowe. 4 Stars

Friday, June 12, 2015

Review of "The Chronicles of Sambreia"

This tale is about a kingdom divided as the result of the last monarch's death. William Landon, the King of This Side of the Kingdom deems it necessary to hold Ranger and Courier School (RCS) as a means to train the children to engage their enemy. The King's two children are reduced in rank during this experience, and are off limits to relationships. The three Kingston children are under suspicion after being held and trained by Lord Randal the ruler of The Other Side of the Kingdom. Extremely strict rules and assignments keep the children busy and PE builds their strength and endurance. Ultimately there is a test and a battle with Lord Maguire, the Prince of Darkness. Does RCS help to champion the Kingdom? You'll enjoy finding out. 4 stars      

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Review of "House Divided"

Professor Robbins' daughter, Courtney announced her involvement with the Students for Palestinian Justice (SPJ) at dinner on her twentieth birthday. After a bombing at a Jewish organization in D.C., the president asked Robbins to head a task force (DEFEAT) to investigate. As the wheels of DEFEAT turned, there was another bombing, this time in Chicago. The bomber was discovered in San Francisco where he committed suicide to avoid capture. The investigation continued as DEFEAT gathered evidence that pointed to radicals within the SPJ. The radicals in Courtney's group suspected she was leaking information back to her father and decided to test her loyalty. The test was to carry a bomb to a Senator's office in New York. 5 Stars

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Review of "Afterlife"

This is the story of Enos Bronte's journey to seek his final judgement after his death. The trek is timeless and harmless, but takes him on a laborious path. Enos sees lost souls in purgatory, paying for their sins in life. He also sees booths where souls meet their maker and the final judgement is passed on to them. He meets a friend along the way, but their destiny is not a mutual one. Finally he is reunited with his wife and daughter who passed away some thirty years ago. The three bond again, and talk about their son back on earth, then arrive at their judgement booth. Their destiny is to return to earth and carry the maker's message to humanity. 2 Stars  

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Review of "Black Snow"

This narrative is a fictional account of the ramifications precipitated by global warming and climate change. Protagonists, Elliot and Margaret Stewart join a group of specially selected people who plan to sequester themselves in a fortified compound. Elliot, a renowned meteorologist, predicts major weather events increasing, and foresees a disaster of epic proportion. When two Cat 5 hurricanes are on course to combine in the Gulf of Mexico, they head to the compound to ride out the storm. Little do they know, that storm is not the only calamitous event they will have to endure. What happens next may be comparable to events in an episode of the Twilight Zone and allows the author an open end to her story. 4 Stars  

Friday, June 5, 2015

Review of "Dead in Dubai"

This complex tale starts when former CIA analyst, Lee Carruthers goes to Dubai to find George Branson who works for the Agency. Cynthia Branson hasn't seen her husband in two years, and wants a divorce. Lee discovers that George is also known as Gil Brady and Karl Spiegel depending where he is and who he's working for. Roger Findley, also with the CIA, identified George as dead via his fingerprints; his face was missing courtesy of a gunshot wound to the back of his head. Lee finds herself embroiled between two illegal arms merchants and blood diamonds. The plot thickens as she seeks assistance from friends and takes on Fred Atkins, as her partner. Sidney, her former boss, warns her to get off the case before she gets herself killed. The plot is like a pretzel with its twists and turns. 5 Stars