Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Review of "When in a Hole, Stop Digging"

Madness and mayhem continue in the village of Throttle. Joe Lagg, estate agent and Roland Bullock, landowner became unskilled building developers. The Jackson brothers, bouncer type jobbing builders became the site managers. The situation turned bad when half of the 150 homes had water pouring out of them, meanwhile, one the canals had run dry. Someone had dug a ditch from under the canal to the new housing projects and during the dastardly deed, a man died. A friend of his saw what happened and was killed by the digger. Now, the discovery of asbestos in another development cause further stir in the community. But that is only part of this hilarious story, another good one from Colin Goodwin. 3 stars  

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Review of "Don't Get Mad Get Even"

Alfred Bullock lent his land to Throttle Cricket Club for ten years, but according to the agreement, they need to win a trophy or the land would go back to Bullock. When Alfred was injured, his son, Roland ran the business and was a bit of a twit about it. The club hired a ringer so they could win, but his salary was huge, so they had to devise a plan to make money. Roland found out the ringer liked to drink, then would miss the games and set a plan in motion. Albert and Geoffrey's houses were in direct line of the pitch and often hit, so they wanted the team to lose too, that way they could sell their houses. The shenanigans that happen next turn the town and its residents upside down. Goodwin provides a light-hearted and funny story for all readers to enjoy. 3 Stars

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Review of "What Am I?"

Death had been conquered, man did age, but regenerated and returned to infancy to grow and mature again. David Benson, a revolutionary hated that life and attempted suicide. His body was recovered and sent to be regenerated, and during the process an inner sense, Eldred took over. After regeneration by Lydia, Benson seemed normal, then in a fit of regained rage, Benson killed Lydia with the help of a synthetic handmaiden, Jade Flower. They destroyed her body, but it was actually a synthetic clone, Jade Flower was actually Lydia. Benson was tried by a judge for his crimes and sentenced to isolation on a moon. His quest to destroy the Central government continued and in the end nothing really changed, or did it? 2 Stars