Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Review of "One Word"

At age 19, Tushar Bhatnagar falls for Adya Chauhan at age 15. They develop and go their own way, then at age 21 Tushar dies. His ghost, the book's narrator, follows Adya as an observer, not an intruder. He suffers watching her search for love, the love he feels for her. She loves Gyan, but he only wants her sex. She loves and marries Mahendra but he only wants her duty. Then while on a train she meets a boy named Tushar and a violent crash leaves him an orphan. She takes the boy home and finally feels the love she's been seeking. Then suddenly she's had enough of her husband, adopts the boy and moves to Singapore. The ghost is always with her. The boy has an accident and the surgery is successful but he doesn't wake up. The ghost now has a choice; does he take over the boys body or not? 3 stars

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Review of "The Road Taken"

Laisha and Adir were husband and wife and Honey their child. Laisha, a teacher at 36 became interested in Zen a student at 20. Zen half-heartedly studied at his parents direction, but wanted to be a model. Laisha encouraged Zen to study, but Zen only wanted to seduce her. She allowed it and so the 16+ year affair started. Laisha wanted another child, but Adir was incapable. Cherry, Zen's child was born and raised by Laisha and Adir. Adir suspected she was not his child, but helped to raise her in spite of his suspicions. Somehow Laisha managed to remain loyal to Adir and passionate with Zen even over a long distance. When Laisha was near her death, the truth became clear, but it was done. Bhattacharyya has spun an intriguing tale of the power of a clever woman. 3 Stars

Friday, April 1, 2016

Review of "Guilt Trip"

Toby Stoddard is found dead in the gun room of the Roitman's hunting lodge, the local sheriff declares it suicide by shotgun. Karen and Mike, Toby's younger sister and brother aren't buying it, he had no reason to do it. Chantel, Toby's wife and her family, the Roitman's plan to scatter his ashes in the Caribbean and ask Karen and Mike to go along. Lauren Beck, former Landis, PA police officer and Karen's sister-in-law, replaces Karen on the trip. Lauren decides on a ruse to conceal her real identity, so she can investigate to determine if Toby's death was a murder. Lauren's cover is blown, but Roitman patriarch, Frank decides to hire her to protect Chantel, who may be next to die. The plot thickens, and Lauren does discover that Toby was murdered, but who is guilty will shock you. 4 Stars