Thursday, April 30, 2015

Review of "The Making of a Community"

Pete Seibert's dream of a ski resort was the genesis of Vail, Colorado. After his hitch with the 10th Mountain Division in WWII and with the help of Earl Easton, Pete found the perfect spot for his dream. There were many people that helped Pete see his dream come true, including our author who spent over forty years in one aspect or another. But it wasn't only a ski resort, a new town and new culture developed as a result of the the way people worked together. Big, bold ideas, small, seemingly insignificant ideas and modern technology all played a role in what Vail is today. John plans on finishing his manuscript and publishing this fall, watch for it. 4 Stars  

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Review of "Whispering Whale"

Apocalyptic tale in which two families retreat into the wilderness to avoid the eradication of humanity through global warming and nuclear war. Justin and his family leave Oregon while Nicole and her family leave Washington State. Enduring food shortages, wild dogs and crazy goons, they travel in obscurity searching for a safe haven. Each family suffers the loss of members along the way until they meet near New Atlantis, a place well prepared for the cleansing. After more hardship, Justin and Nicole find themselves on a vessel called Cristine where the last of the world's whales waits for them. The leviathan's last deed is to pass on his heightened consciousness to the humans and thus the re-birth of an evolved human race. 5 Stars

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Review of "The Blue Goose"

Born in January of 1948, Mike had a hard drinking father who spent a lot of time at The Blue Goose. When mom and dad got divorced around age seven, Mike and slow, younger brother Dennis had to do the chores. At fifteen, Mike was on his own after dad took him out of school so he went to cosmetology school and got his license. Wanting something better, Mike joined the Army, but that life didn't go his way either. During a tour in Vietnam he continued to struggle, but managed to get his GED, and when discharged continued his education. Mike married and after two sons, divorced his abusive wife. Alone, Mike held good jobs, built a business and raised his sons. Now happily married and retired, he has finally earned his degree from the school of hard knocks. 3 Stars

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Review of "The Index Killer"

Sandy and his son Bryce were combing the beach with a metal detector when they discovered a gold ring, it was on a dead woman's finger. During the investigation, the Boca Raton police determined a serial killer was terrorizing the residents of the affluent Florida town. Petite blondes were raped, choked to death and had an index finger severed. The police chief's niece, Detective Catherine Delaney was assigned to the case, however she had to work with Detective Cody O'Dell whom she despised, and who seemed as interested in her as he was the murders. As the body count rose, the unlikely duo appeared to trip over themselves trying to find something that would break open the case. Simultaneously they uncovered the clue that led to the improbable suspect. 5 Stars          

Friday, April 24, 2015

Review of "Shot Down"

Historical account of the military career of First Lieutenant Howard Snyder and the crew of the B-17G, named for Snyder's daughter Susan Ruth. Beginning with his enlistment in the US Army, the story follows Snyder through training, flight schools, missions over Europe, being shot down, being sheltered, service to The Maquis and finally liberation near the end of the war. It also chronicles the lives of his crew who endured capture, imprisonment and some death at the hands of German forces. Steve Snyder's painstaking research is evident as he details the events in Shot Down. Similar to Tom Brokaw's The Greatest Generation, it's clear our duty is to Never Forget. 4 Stars  

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Review of "My Little People"

This novelette is a common sense guide to hospice. It describes what hospice is, how to prepare for it and what happens during the process. Annie includes some of the lessons she has learned in her tour of duty as a hospice social worker. She also shares some of her experiences with hospice patients. Annie's title My Little People provides insight into this compassionate and dedicated woman whose goal is to help people transition into the next life with grace and dignity. Let's face it, we all are going to die, reading this book may help with your experience of it. 3 Stars  

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Review of "Bat Out of Hell Discovery"

Darvell Green uses his vivid imagination to spin a tale of seventeenth century vampires, lycans, dark fae and Soul Reavers in a millenia war. As the vampires gain the advantage over the other races, vampire elder Eva sends her special weapon, Athena a novice vampire, to destroy the Soul Reavers. Although she slaughters his family, Athena couldn't kill the newborn Demeitris, instead she raises and trains him as her own child. As Demeitris grows, he acquires special skills and powers that will ultimately lead him to successfully recreate his race. This tale ends as Demeitris sets out on a journey that will test his resolve, and leads me to think there will be more books in this series. 3 Stars  

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Review of "When Angels Die"

Caroline's frightening account of being raped, occluded, stabbed and left for dead will leave you screaming with outrage. Unconscious and near death, she begged for more time to raise her young sons, as the Angel of Mercy called her home. Helicoptered to a hospital, she was stitched back together, but she didn't know her physical damage would be the easiest to recover from. Hearing her screams, her youngest son developed a speech impediment. Her oldest witnessed the vile attack and later suffered from depression, PTSD and attempted suicide. She found the boys therapists to help them recover and with them in university, Caroline found one to help her. She learned how to release the memories she so adeptly buried and wrote this story as a means to help other victims. 5 Stars

Review of "100 Years"

Memoir of an inner city youth who grew up in the projects and on the street. As a preteen drug user, Mark's ambition was to be a hustler, and he made it happen. After he was busted and sent to prison the first time, he returned to the streets as a hustler, but not a user. During his second stint in prison, Mark realized the men in his family spent a combined 100 years in prison, had a baby daughter, and decided to move in a different direction. He started reading, got his high school diploma, and found a higher power to help. After thirteen years in prison, he went to work in his father's rim and tire shop, and eventually opened his own business. Married with another daughter, Mark went to college and now reaches out to troubled youth in hopes his story will help them to a productive path. 3 Stars

Friday, April 17, 2015

Review of "Ring Around the Rosary"

Gretchen's innocence was stolen from her when she was duped into entering a convent by her father and a monsignor. At the tender age of seventeen, she tried her best to fit in, but became withdrawn and isolated, and after five years left. Then her father introduced her to gregarious Coleman who showered her with gifts until they were married. With Gretchen's naivete in full bloom, she couldn't see what was wrong in her passionless marriage until it was too late; another failure? Bewilderment, tragedy and angst replaced faith, hope and charity. What saved Gretchen from a breakdown, or worse were her two sons, in whom she poured her love. Yes, Gretchen struggled and stumbled, but she never gave up on herself, and may have reached an inconspicuous goal. 5 Stars        

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Review of "Five Steps"

This story begins in Hong Kong with a devastating explosion that kills John's wife and son, and nearly kills him. When John is finally released from the hospital, he returns to the scene of the accident looking for something, anything to make sense of what happened. He finds a computer memory stick with five random phone numbers on it. Desperate to find a new meaning for his life, John sells his belongings and decides to track down the people associated with the phone numbers. What John finds in these five steps is amazing; it frees his spirit from the heartache of his lost family and readies him for his final journey. Tim donates his book royalties to Isslcare Foundation Ltd, a charity for the old, poor and needy in Hong Kong. 4 Stars

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Review of "Kisses to Die For"

Sultry tale of twenty-four year old virgin Angelica (Angel) Collins who buys a dilapidated, haunted Victorian mansion and carriage house which she plans to turn into a cafe. On a cold winter's night she meets a handsome local cop, Tom McLean who insists she spend the night with him. Since the mansion has no heat or door locks and the Chocolate Kiss killer is on the prowl, Angel reluctantly agrees. With a single passionate kiss, McLean enkindles Angel's cravings. The stage is now set for Alan to introduce the characters that both help and challenge Angel with her plans. Romance and murder build the novel's intensity to it's ultimate climax. The smooth, rhythmic prose will not let you set this book aside. 5 Stars

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Review of "Blood Profit$"

Savvy political thriller exposes the collusion between high ranking government officials, a war supporting corporation, Wall Street and the mob. It lays out the framework that cheats American taxpayers out of trillions, and steals valuable resources from other countries. Three Gen Xers, the unlikely protagonists, form the trinity to disrupt the operation and bring about justice by being effective and efficient. If you're not upset with today's politics, reading this story may just give you a reality check. The idea that we the people are merely sheep, and that corrupt politicians are our shepherds to show us the way, is not only infuriating but may also be a not so well kept secret. 5 Stars      

Friday, April 3, 2015

Review of "Daddy's Little Spy-Isabella"

Unsettling story of child abuse, witchcraft, and madness. Isabella's life is void of love from her parents. She fearfully grows up with psychological and physical abuse from her mother who also practices witchcraft. Her father, apparently also afraid of this woman, ignores the abuse, and suggests that she merely has a bad temper. Bella's grandparents are her only hope of survival, but she is never allowed to stay with them long. After serving his country in WWII, daddy adds to Bella's misery by hypnotizing her to suit his fancy. Neighbors, teachers, doctors and police all are unable to stop the madness until Bella meets Matt who rescues her on her eighteenth birthday. How she survived is a miracle. 4 Stars

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Review of "Memories"

Cody Brannon and Tiffney Fisher are seventeen, in love and have strong family values. After a horrifying motorcycle accident and twenty-seven days in a coma with Tiffney at his bedside, Cody wakes up with a special gift. His sixth sense allows him into other people's repressed memories. Cody's mother, who works with sexually abused young women is killed by the same impaired driver that slammed into Cody. Determined to put criminals away, Cody and Tiffney go to law school and then to work for the FBI. Working as a profiler and prosecutor, they help to crack a sex slave trafficking ring. Steven Belden delivers a fast moving story, written in a unique style that anyone would enjoy. 4 Stars