Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Review of "Italian Summer"

Twenty-something, Mina Calvi returned to her hometown of Veneto, Italy after spending ten years in California. She rented Professor Cervi's condo while he was taking classes at USC. Emilia Lauri, a semi-retired attorney lived upstairs and knew Mina's grandmother. And that was the first thread of the fabric that was woven into this small town mystery. The plot thickened around Mina's crazy friend Lola, her dead twin brother, Vittorio, Piero, the undertaker, his son, Enzo, and finally Diego, Mina's lover and his friend, Gino. This light-hearted narrative was well thought out, but like any series leaves loose ends for the reader to either tie up or read the next release. 4 Stars

Monday, August 29, 2016

Review of "The Ultimate Christmas Bucket List"

Here's another great little book (121 pages). Barbe Awalt gives the reader 100 suggestions on how to enhance your Christmas experience. Here are some of my favorites: #98 Don't be a Grinch and steal someone's UPS or FedEx packages, #97 Get a Christmas Cactus, but wait, it's actually tropical, #80 Eat a Pfeffernusse Cookie, #43 Fill a stocking, great for those little gifts, #28 Regift, #7 Bake cookies for a gift, and this one is really cool #62, Eat or throw a fruit cake, guess what I'm going to do! When you read this book, I'm sure you will be delighted to find something new to try this Christmas. 4 Stars  

Review of "Kicking the Bucket List"

What an amazing little book (121 pages). Gail Rubin provides 100 suggestions to not only get you ready for the end, but will get you so organized you'll be totally shocked. Here are my favorites: #86 Sort your stuff using the Ohio Rule (Only Handle It Once), #74 Regift Gifts, #71 Mix old meds with kitty litter or coffee grounds, #63 and #62 Sell or give your stuff away online, #51 Stop Junk Mail, my wife is working on this right now! Some of these suggestions are common sense, but there were some even I never thought of and I'm very organized. This is an excellent book for a person of any age to read and to live by. 5 Stars

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Review of "The Rockets' Red Glare"

Tag Grainger, the leader of the White Aryan Resistance (WAR), and Ibrahim al Hasan, the leader of Al Qaeda of North American (AQNA) unite to steal enough cesium powder to make 16 dirty bombs. The plan is to set them off in various locations around the country, but Tag has his own plan. He wants to bomb Washington DC and create The Christian Covenant of America in the upper midwest with the capital in St. Paul. A vehicle accident near Lexington, Kentucky reveals radiation and starts the hunt for the bombs. It's easy to get bogged down in all the detail, but the authors do provide an exciting fictional thriller none the less. 4 Stars

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Review of "The (In)Fidelity Factor"

I was very curious about this little book (110 pages) and that curiosity was richly rewarded. Elda Lopez starts by pointing out some obvious and maybe some obscure observations. She moves on to the answers of questions queried by her to both males and females, then on to some amazing statistics. The next section is on actual accounts of infidelity by a male and a female, then on to Elda's own admissions. She summarizes, by suggesting ways for us to improve as individuals which in turn will improve our relationships and our lives. There is simply a lot of good stuff in here for everyone, delivered in a clear voice with little bits of humor thrown in for good measure. 5 stars

Monday, August 22, 2016

Review of "XL7"

Xavier Lysten's life changed in eighth grade, his Dad left his Mom and their five kids, he started playing football and he started drinking. During his first drunk, Xavier's football coach saw him riding his bike and stopped to give him a ride home. His Mom promptly told Xavier that he was off the team, but the kid had talent for the game and later would excel at it. He grew up with the potential to be a champion, but his drinking got in the way and didn't stop until he killed someone. A prison sentence forced Xavier to change his life and live up to his true potential. Luther Guin, a first-time author presents a crisp fictional story written as a first person biography in contemporary style with a clear, bold voice. 5 Stars

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Review of "Ten in Texas"

William Dale Gantry, a man born in Virginia is wandering the wild west in search of something, what he doesn't really know. Camping overnight in a draw in the Texas panhandle, he suddenly feels like he may have just found it. Will makes some friends, decides to buy some land and build a ranch. Along the way, he meets a widowed woman with a young son and falls in love. But there are a couple of scores he needs to settle and there is a lot more to this story. A. H. Holt spins a charming western yarn in a somewhat unconventional style and melodious voice that is sure to entertain you. If you like westerns pick this one up. 4 Stars