Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Review of "Mustard's Last Stand"

Struggling screenwriter, Ed Mustard returns to his hometown after his actress wife's suicide, tail between his legs. Brother Clifford (Roadkill), a tree hugging activist is trying to shut down Camp Destiny, an African Safari camp in cold and snowy Hancock Idaho. Homespun Gina is trying to turn her pizza parlor into a safe haven for homeless pregnant women. Add three more pregnant women, a preacher for hire conman, the ex-car salesman turned hunt enthusiast, his philandering wife and you have all the characters needed to turn Hancock Days into an utter fiasco. McIntosh has a crisp style and clear voice as she leads the reader through funny and sometimes dangerous events that will keep you from putting this one down. 5 Stars  


  1. Thanks for your review, Richard. I'm told by other reviewers that my books also contain some cleverly hidden moral messages amid the humor. I do so appreciate your reading and reviewing Mustard's Last Stand. When Foul Wind comes out, I'll hope to again be on your list!