Sunday, November 30, 2014

Review of "Unintended Consequences"

Min, Seth's girlfriend and Lisa's roommate is missing. Seth and Lisa search for clues in their apartment, and find a memory stick that reveals Seth's new drug research has been bastardized. The French government and Sur2Pharm have added a second cohort, which has imminent death processed into it. Once administered, the drug has devastating effects on aging seniors, alleviating the overwhelming socioeconomic programs that burden the government. This is the beginning of an international wild ride to deter the shipment and distribution of the tainted drug. 5 Stars.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Review of "One Last Kickoff"

This is the saga of Matt Ridgeway, the acclaimed place kicker of the Indianapolis Colts. After twenty years with the team, he learned the Colts drafted a new kicker in the second round. Will he still compete, or will he be out of a job? That's a good start, but the real story is what Matt learned about himself. He learned to listen, he learned to teach, he learned how to pass the torch. Analogous to Grisham's Calico Joe, Matt learned the lesson of his life. You don't have to be football fan to enjoy this novel, and the ladies will like it too. 5 Stars

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Review of "Vengeance is Mine"

Suzanne is imposing her revenge on the people that, not only contributed to her father's imprisonment and suicide, but also to her false institutionalization in a mental health facility. Each person is dealt a punishment that is directly related to their actions effecting her and her father. The riveting details of each encounter lends itself well to create a true sense of horror. This story would be improved by a professional editor. 2 Stars  

Monday, November 24, 2014

Review of "The Scent of My Son, in God We Trust"

This is the story of the tragic loss of Joseph Miranda's life, and his mother's fight for justice. Joe, at age nineteen, was run over by a Bobcat while he was at work. The investigations, by many agencies, into the circumstances surrounding his death are almost unbelievable. How could so many people get it so wrong? Was there a cover-up? Why wouldn't anyone listen the Medical Examiners? If it wasn't for Adrienne's everlasting faith, she probably wouldn't have survived the ordeal, or had the strength to write this story. 3 Stars

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Review of "Standing Alone"

Special Agent Jon X works all over the world as an undercover operative for the SSA (Secret Spy Agency). Most of his assignments come from the agency's leader, Director Filmer, but on occasion he gets orders directly from the President. Without a home or family, Jon lives in a hotel in Washington, DC during his downtime. Jon X lives by the American Creed, and has dedicated his life to upholding the Constitution and defending the USA. This story would be improved by a professional editor. 2 Stars    

Friday, November 21, 2014

Review of "Barracuda II"

NYPD Detective Mick O'Shaughnessy is going back to Bikini Atoll, this time with his partner Gus Lopez, at the request of FBI agent Buddy Burger. The FBI is investigating a heroine tracking ring, bringing the drug into Los Angeles from Afghanistan through the Pacific Islands. During the investigation our protagonist discovers three mutant barracuda menacing the lagoon. Find out how the drug traffickers are brought to justice, and the dangerous beasts are dealt with. Nice sequel to Barracuda. 4 Stars

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Review of "Barracuda"

NYPD Detective Mick O'Shaughnessy is going on a scuba diving vacation to Bikini Atoll. Micko is recovering from a gun shot wound that broke his right tibia, and is just out of a nine month cast. This vacation will not only build up his atrophied leg, but will boost his depressed spirit as well. While staying at the Majuro Majestic Hotel and Casino, he uncovers a money laundering operation, but that's not the biggest fly in the ointment on the island. A radiation enhanced barracuda is menacing the lagoon, and threatening to put an end to diving altogether. Find out how Micko's vacation concludes by reading this exciting fish tale. 4 Stars    

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Review of "Bones in the Wash"

Tomas Zamara, the Mayor of Albuquerque, New Mexico, finds himself embroiled in politics and family drama. His choice of the political high road as chair of the New Mexico McCain presidential campaign isn't the same as his handlers. Then his position that city business doesn't mix with family business enrages his father and brother. Did I mention his wife disappears after some shady deals, and is found murdered years later? What about Tory, his new love interest, is she for real? John Byrne Barry pulls it all together in this well crafted Indie. You won't want to miss a word of this one. 4 Stars  

Friday, November 14, 2014

Review of "Once Upon a Nightmare"

Sara Bishop saw a Full Hunter's Moon, glowing bright white, then gold and orange, finally brilliant and bold red--blood on the moon. Sara sensed something very bad was on the way. The nightmare she had that night was horrific, a predator, an attack--her best friend, Rebecca was savagely murdered, then dismembered and disemboweled. This was only the beginning, the nightmares continued, as did the murders, suddenly Sara was next. HE was coming for HER! Moylan does a commanding job describing scenes so vivid you'll swear they're actually real. Maybe you'll have a nightmare too--doesn't everyone? 5 Stars

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Review of "The Bunny Trail N' Murder"

I would classify this work as a short story, rather than a novelette. The author states, "The story borderlines Sci-Fi", and I concur. It starts easily enough describing a new jogging trail in town, named the Bunny Trail. Suddenly there are a number of murders that take place on the Trail, as well as an attack on the protagonist. Somehow he is taken to a clinic, and after not responding well to traditional medicine, he's given a miracle drug. Now fully recovered, but having amnesia, he wants to rediscover his past, and track down the murderers. The ending is abrupt, and leaves the reader to provide the solutions to many unanswered questions. 2 Stars        

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Review of " I Plagiarized This Book From Myself"

This story is like a visit to the Twilight Zone. It starts with Will, a grocery stocker, who wants to be a writer. He steals a leather bound tome from a bookstore which only has one written page, the one HE wrote on his laptop. With his curiosity and temper stoked, Will seeks out the plagiarizer and publisher to claim his work. As the plot continues to develop, he discovers that his lover is his cloned sister, his cloned brother is the publisher, and his father is the author/plagiarizer Boyd Jamison. Did I mention this all happens in the future? The real Boyd Jamison writes an entertaining, albeit conflicted tale that's certainly worth reading . 3 Stars  

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Review of "The Rainbow Murders"

A serial killer of homosexuals is running rampant in the area of Tampa, Florida called Ybor City; therefore the title The Rainbow Murders. The Bible thumping madman claims he's doing God's work, to rid the city of sinners. Soul Followers, aka Guardian Angels, observe their charges from the background, forbidden to interfere. As the search goes on to find the perpetrator called The Preacher, Soul Followers nudge at times to help, and one actually saves a life. Fast paced, fun to read, and there is an unexpected ending. 3 Stars  

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Review of "Lori's Song"

Lori's Song will leave you either questioning its authenticity as nonfiction, or wanting to wrap your arms around Lori to comfort her. This book was a hard read because of the atrocities she describes, and the idea that they could even exist anywhere in today's world. Abused from the day she was born, Lori finds herself imprisoned in an Iranian paramilitary POW camp. The perils she endures, and how she manages to survive will not only stun you, but make you cry out for revenge. The book would be improved by a professional editor before a second edition is released. 2 Stars    

Monday, November 3, 2014

Review of "Overnight Delivery"

This novel actually has a short story in-bedded within, that provides the reader some family dynamics. Birr spins a tale of PI Jackson Douglas, who on his thirtieth birthday, gets involved in LAPD sting operation to bring down a gang leader and drug lord. All through the plot the author references something Jackson is struggling with, but it's deeply buried in his psyche, and related to the short story. Our protagonist muddles through his investigation to solve the case, then the short story comes to conclusion also. Birr uses the last chapter to very cleverly tie up all the loose ends, and divulge the mystery of Jackson Douglas. 5 Stars  

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Review of "Reporting Lives"

This is the story of Chicago television reporter, Sara Simone, whose dream is to move up to a network; or is it? When a busload of African exchange students die in a vehicular crash, Sara is sent to Nairobi, Kenya to interview their families. Appalled by the conditions of the slum Mathare, she gives up and drifts through Kenya. After surviving a disaster, Sara goes back to Mathare and finishes the story, uncovering corruption and drug trafficking. Now, what does she do? Pickett delivers in the style of F. Scott Fitzgerald, but in a voice that is clearly her own. 3 Stars