Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Review of "Mustard's Last Stand"

Struggling screenwriter, Ed Mustard returns to his hometown after his actress wife's suicide, tail between his legs. Brother Clifford (Roadkill), a tree hugging activist is trying to shut down Camp Destiny, an African Safari camp in cold and snowy Hancock Idaho. Homespun Gina is trying to turn her pizza parlor into a safe haven for homeless pregnant women. Add three more pregnant women, a preacher for hire conman, the ex-car salesman turned hunt enthusiast, his philandering wife and you have all the characters needed to turn Hancock Days into an utter fiasco. McIntosh has a crisp style and clear voice as she leads the reader through funny and sometimes dangerous events that will keep you from putting this one down. 5 Stars  

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Review of "A Special Gift"

Wanda Brown's life began spiralling out of control after the death of her father at age eleven. Raped by the age of twelve, beaten, cheated on, robbed, lost credit and foreclosure were just some of the awful things she would have to endure. Wanda had a strong relationship with her higher power that helped her to persevere despite the obstacles life threw at her. But there was one wonderful moment that she prayed for, the birth of her son, Joshua. The two shared a special bond, and he was the only male in her life that she could rely on and trust. Tragically he collapsed and died playing the game he loved, basketball. This is another story of how a strong faith can help a person to overcome even the grief of losing a child. 3 Stars