Sunday, April 26, 2015

Review of "The Blue Goose"

Born in January of 1948, Mike had a hard drinking father who spent a lot of time at The Blue Goose. When mom and dad got divorced around age seven, Mike and slow, younger brother Dennis had to do the chores. At fifteen, Mike was on his own after dad took him out of school so he went to cosmetology school and got his license. Wanting something better, Mike joined the Army, but that life didn't go his way either. During a tour in Vietnam he continued to struggle, but managed to get his GED, and when discharged continued his education. Mike married and after two sons, divorced his abusive wife. Alone, Mike held good jobs, built a business and raised his sons. Now happily married and retired, he has finally earned his degree from the school of hard knocks. 3 Stars

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