Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Review of "The Sum of His Worth"

Riveting story about a poor boy, Sonny Poe growing up in Alabama in the '50's and '60's with his widowed mom and two brothers. While out on a little hunting escapade with a buddy, the boys witness the Klan beat and hang a black man. While Sonny gets in all the usual jams a kid his age does, he befriends a black man, Harvey Nixon who teaches the kid how to defend himself. Sonny meets Dr. Joe Peach, a dentist and advocate for civil rights. Dr. Joe takes Sonny under his wing to help guide him after the death of Sonny's dad. When Dr. Joe gets a new Civil Service position reporting injustices to the Feds, Sonny becomes a sort of investigator helping Joe's cause. But corrupt government and the Klan will have none of it and plan to stop the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. Joe and Sonny. 5 Stars

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  1. Hey thanks, Richie, Sure appreciate you writing this review. Always helps a struggling author, particularly one who's been struggling for 30 years to break out of the "midlist" block. Especially nice of you to offer up five stars (which, of course, this novel deserve.) Ron