Monday, November 28, 2016

Review of "A Person Broken"

In this sequel to Green Girl, Allanas was rescued from the King of Cessor, and taken to Pinnacles Aerie to tend to the dragon, Ja. She refused and soon was isolated and despondent until she met Jaleel. Jaleel sent Allanas and Vargus to Tanthanor to collect the dragon, Sathalor's bones and on the way, Vargus was attacked by a mountain lion. She nursed him back to health and became his mate. While in Tanthanor, she met Horatio who told her about all the things that happened in her absence and she was disappointed to find Mahbruk married. On their return, Vargus tried to teach Allanas how to use her magic to no avail. Again, feeling frustrated and alone, Allanas tried to commit suicide, then she suddenly discovered the truth. 4 Stars

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