Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Review of "To Find One's True Self"

This is an amazing tale of the parallel universes, Earth, Eden, and Erebus. The sinister angel Lucifer, having been ostracized from Atlantis, moved between these universes and developed a plan to take over all the power in Erebus. Isaac Rooks and Jack Trailwalker, born at exactly the same time on Earth and Eden, switched universes when Lucifer created a secret portal vital to his plan. The benevolent angel Gideon facilitated Isaac and Jack's return to their original universe and Jack became Gideon's agent on Eden to thwart the evil angel's plan. Isaac and Jack were comfortable at last in their original universe, but Isaac had no memory of his time on Eden. Jack's knowledge of Earth was critical to Gideon's hope of banishing Lucifer to the outer darkness. 5 Stars

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