Monday, September 19, 2016

Review of "Lost Family: Found!"

During World War II, a British girl, Heather Foster and a GI, Harrison Wheeler met and fell in love in England. When the war was over, Harrison sent for Heather, they were married and started a family. Heather was never really happy with her situation and eventually they got divorced. Years later, Kim their oldest son, got a letter from Anthony Leonard, residing in England, in search of his birth mother, Heather Foster. Thinking this could be a hoax, Kim contacted his older sister, Heather Nelson and that set the ball rolling. After research and discovery, the Wheeler family, Heather, Kim, Vance and Barrie realized that Anthony was their half-brother and that Kim was also. Heather Foster held her secrets close to her heart and lived a life of unhappiness for it. 3 Stars

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