Friday, September 16, 2016

Review of "Hero of My Dreams"

The peaceful planet of Arklardin is under attack by Dragoon from the planet Zahrbruk. King Dinaar dispatches four lieutenants to find a commander, somewhere in the universe, to train his troops and lead them into battle. Alex Freeman, a veteran of Vietnam is the man they convince to help. After many battles on Arklardin, the skilled force sends Dragoon's troops back to Zahrbruk. Alex falls in love and marries Princess/Science Officer Kumari and they have a daughter, Madilynn. Alex takes the war against Dragoon to Zahrbruk where Kumari is captured. The final battle is at Dragoon's Maagadi Castle where Alex rescues his love and the evil Dragoon is slain by his own men. This epic fantasy characterizes Pitts' ability to put his imagination into words. 4 Stars

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