Friday, April 3, 2015

Review of "Daddy's Little Spy-Isabella"

Unsettling story of child abuse, witchcraft, and madness. Isabella's life is void of love from her parents. She fearfully grows up with psychological and physical abuse from her mother who also practices witchcraft. Her father, apparently also afraid of this woman, ignores the abuse, and suggests that she merely has a bad temper. Bella's grandparents are her only hope of survival, but she is never allowed to stay with them long. After serving his country in WWII, daddy adds to Bella's misery by hypnotizing her to suit his fancy. Neighbors, teachers, doctors and police all are unable to stop the madness until Bella meets Matt who rescues her on her eighteenth birthday. How she survived is a miracle. 4 Stars

1 comment:

  1. Fair comment on Isabella's story written to warn teachers social workers and the police how easily they are fooled by false smiles and 'the child is so clumsy' keeps falling down the stairs -to explain bruises. Teachers even bought medicines and love spells from Isabella's mother and told Isabella they were afraid of her. Isabella on a radio program advised children in this situation never to believe their mother would ever alter. Isabella's mother explained that a red mist came in front of her eyes every time she looked at her unwanted daughter. When she was dying she told her hypnotism is more powerful than witchcraft because he makes you forget what he does? Never trust your father.