Thursday, April 13, 2017

Review of "The Butcher's Bill"

There was a large conglomerate, Gordias, behind a lot of missing money in Iraq and it was run by an American politician from the shadows. Bill Butcher, a former NCIS agent's personal agenda was to avenge some wrongs he witnessed while he was deployed in Iraq including that missing money. Hill now begins the intricate plot that sends Bill Butcher and his best friend Linus Schag, another NCIS agent into a tale that includes murder, kidnapping, and extortion. As Bill commits some violent acts, Linus wonders if a medication he was given for malaria is at the root of his rogue behavior. Bill's relentless pursuit of his agenda ultimately is successful, but a deadly price. His last words to Linus were I will get him. This is an amazing novel. 5 Stars

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