Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Review of "Angelina's Secret"

An aristocratic lady, Angelina and a narcissistic, French privateer, Jude met when he captured her ship at sea. After a game of chance, that she won, he released her and the ship. A short time later she met Jude again, her brother, Jonathan schooled with him. As they fell in love, she began having dreams of young women being murdered. When she was kidnapped by Darcy Montgomery, she learned that he committed those murders and intended to murder her too. Jude rescued her, then after they were married, he gave up privateering and joined her father's business, then learned she was pregnant. As they sailed for France, Jude was arrested and taken back to England to face charges while Angelina gave birth to twins. The ending will remain the secret. 4 Stars  

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