Monday, August 29, 2016

Review of "The Ultimate Christmas Bucket List"

Here's another great little book (121 pages). Barbe Awalt gives the reader 100 suggestions on how to enhance your Christmas experience. Here are some of my favorites: #98 Don't be a Grinch and steal someone's UPS or FedEx packages, #97 Get a Christmas Cactus, but wait, it's actually tropical, #80 Eat a Pfeffernusse Cookie, #43 Fill a stocking, great for those little gifts, #28 Regift, #7 Bake cookies for a gift, and this one is really cool #62, Eat or throw a fruit cake, guess what I'm going to do! When you read this book, I'm sure you will be delighted to find something new to try this Christmas. 4 Stars  

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