Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Review of "The (In)Fidelity Factor"

I was very curious about this little book (110 pages) and that curiosity was richly rewarded. Elda Lopez starts by pointing out some obvious and maybe some obscure observations. She moves on to the answers of questions queried by her to both males and females, then on to some amazing statistics. The next section is on actual accounts of infidelity by a male and a female, then on to Elda's own admissions. She summarizes, by suggesting ways for us to improve as individuals which in turn will improve our relationships and our lives. There is simply a lot of good stuff in here for everyone, delivered in a clear voice with little bits of humor thrown in for good measure. 5 stars

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  1. Richard, I appreciate your words. I hope my book can be of service to those conflicted about the role of (in)fidelity in a committed relationship. Your review is certainly encouraging to those who may also be curious.

    Many thanks!