Friday, May 6, 2016

Review of "Clarence Olgibee"

Clarence Olgibee was a black kid who grew up in Ohio. Both his parents were teachers, his mother overbearing. She tried to mold her son into something he could never be. Clarence, like most teenage boys, was driven by his hormones and got a girl pregnant. He chose to run and enlisted in the Navy. Faced with prejudice and racism, he struggled in the environment. An explosion onboard the vessel he was serving on led Clarence to his most heroic act, he saved a drowning man's life. Disillusioned and desperate, Clarence became a deserter. Forced to hide for the rest of his life by his actions, Clarence died haunted by bigotry and poor decisions. Kessler's style is challenging, but his voice speaks to the human condition that still thrives in modern day America. 3 Stars    

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