Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Review of "The Road Taken"

Laisha and Adir were husband and wife and Honey their child. Laisha, a teacher at 36 became interested in Zen a student at 20. Zen half-heartedly studied at his parents direction, but wanted to be a model. Laisha encouraged Zen to study, but Zen only wanted to seduce her. She allowed it and so the 16+ year affair started. Laisha wanted another child, but Adir was incapable. Cherry, Zen's child was born and raised by Laisha and Adir. Adir suspected she was not his child, but helped to raise her in spite of his suspicions. Somehow Laisha managed to remain loyal to Adir and passionate with Zen even over a long distance. When Laisha was near her death, the truth became clear, but it was done. Bhattacharyya has spun an intriguing tale of the power of a clever woman. 3 Stars

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