Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Review of "One Word"

At age 19, Tushar Bhatnagar falls for Adya Chauhan at age 15. They develop and go their own way, then at age 21 Tushar dies. His ghost, the book's narrator, follows Adya as an observer, not an intruder. He suffers watching her search for love, the love he feels for her. She loves Gyan, but he only wants her sex. She loves and marries Mahendra but he only wants her duty. Then while on a train she meets a boy named Tushar and a violent crash leaves him an orphan. She takes the boy home and finally feels the love she's been seeking. Then suddenly she's had enough of her husband, adopts the boy and moves to Singapore. The ghost is always with her. The boy has an accident and the surgery is successful but he doesn't wake up. The ghost now has a choice; does he take over the boys body or not? 3 stars

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