Friday, March 11, 2016

Review of "The Mad House on Sutton Place"

Pretty Merrie Dixon is headed for a divorce from cheating husband, Howie. Although she's afraid of the dark, she moves in with LuLu, a black woman who refuses to use lights in her cave-like apartment. The arrangement becomes comfortable and the two ladies decide to go into business together. They enlist Myron, a wealthy attorney living upstairs, to draw up the legal documents. When Merrie finds Bubbles, the building's slut, murdered and shoved into a clothes dryer in the basement, all hell breaks loose. The NYPD investigates and Merrie and LuLu are suspects. What happens next is complicated, hilarious and above all just fun to read. A. R. Alan is an extremely talented and successful author who will tease your funny bone until you can't take it anymore. 5 Stars

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