Sunday, March 13, 2016

Review of "The Flight of Snookems"

Snookems, Mr. Howard Simon is dead, courtesy of the 21st floor window of his luxury SoHo loft. Lulu's man couldn't have jumped, he must have been murdered. Raymond Simon is selling drugs out of Myron's (Merrie's fiance) hotel. Hamilton, his sister is running a bordello out of Snookem's spa and blackmailing the customers. Malcolm Simon's construction company is in trouble and he needs money. Elsa, Snookem's ex-wife claims to be an undercover agent and his partner, but she's buying drugs with counterfeit money. And this is only the beginning of a delightfully complicated and funny murder mystery. Find out who done it and why when you read this A. R. Alan sequel to The Mad House on Sutton Place. 5 Stars

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