Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Review of "Stone in a Sling"

Gentle, gripping and inspirational is this chronicle of a young man adrift in the world, struggling to find direction. With a loving nudge from his father, Scott decides on a stint in the U. S. Army. Intent on being a Green Beret, he puts all his energy into being the best he can be until he meets Trena. Married and with his first child on the way, Scott changes course. From medic to intelligence to acquisitions, he accepts changes in his (MOS) Military Occupation Specialty. When he leaves the army, he goes to college, takes (ROTC) Reserve Officer's Training Corps, and goes back in as an commissioned officer. Paralleling his heroic military career is his family life and spirituality which molds him into a well rounded success, and far from that struggling young man. 5 Stars

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