Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Review of "Double Spy"

This autobiography is not only cleverly written, but most entertaining. Peter, a journalist in his late twenties, finds himself enveloped in espionage during the Cold War. As an agent for the Dutch Secret Service (BVD), he's recruited by the East German Intelligence Service (HVA) to spy on the Dutch. Loyal to the BVD, Peter has the time of his life, at the expense of the Germans, delivering useless if not public information, and being paid to do so. But this is not a James Bond or Will Cochrane type novel, no fast cars, no diabolical technology or armament, but there is a little romance. Peter defines his story with an unyielding sense of humor that will surely delight you. 5 Stars  


  1. Richard, I knew I was a good reporter for my Dutch newspaper. But journalism and bookwriting are very different. You're not the firast that values Double Spy a 5 star, but you confirm I can write. That encourages me to go on! Thank you!