Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Review of "War of the Staffs"

Epic fantasy tale of good versus evil that included dragons, warlocks, wizards and warring factions. Taza, a vampire, ruled the city, Dormin on the planet, Muiria. His goal was to create a world of vampires using the evil power of the Staff of Adonis. Melgor, a warlock was Taza's lackey and charged with killing a Parthian prince, Tarquin and Celedant, his wizard guide. Their goal was to find the two pieces of the Staff of Adaman and use the good power of that staff to defeat Taza. The story ends with Celedant finding one piece of the staff, the amber crystal and the battle to regain control of the fortress, Brackus. The authors went into great detail describing history, places and the clashing factions, but not so much on fabricating the main characters. 3 Stars

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